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Minichamps Porsche 956L 1983 Le Mans 24Hrs Winner Review
Authored by Gary











High End

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About the model

This model replicates the Porsche 956L, which is the 1983 Le Mans winner. This model by Minichamps came out initially with full Rothman’s livery, as raced in the 1983 race. However, due to a certain diecast store advertising this fact in a large advertisement, Minichamps had to put “Racing” decals over the Rothmans words on the outstanding models. They also started changing how the models are produced (i.e. no more Rothmans words on the body). This means there are multiple versions of this model, with varying degrees of the full Rothmans livery. Lots of people have converted the non-full livery models to full livery with the use of decals.

What’s in the box

The model comes in a standard Minichamps box, with cardboard outer box and a Styrofoam inner clamshell. The model is attached to the box with 3 screws, which are IMPOSSIBLE to put back after removal. The model is heavy but doesn’t feel too well built.



The model comes in white and blue. The rest of the livery is mostly made of decals, which is VERY dangerous in the long term. The cursed stripes are the most dangerous of all, as the ones on the side are prone to peeling off. The one on the engine cover is a bit safer. The paint isn’t too smooth, with some orange peel in places, especially near the rear wing. Thickness is decent.

The ride height looks good, with low clearance. Main headlights look very good, but have small attachment stubs, ditto for the turn signals. The shape of the lense cover for the whole light setup, however, is very well made. The large vents under the lights are perforated. The tow ring is a separate red piece and looks good. The single wiper has decent detail. There are some small valves on the driver side under the windshield, and I commend MC for replicating those. Shutlines are nil, since the front is sealed. The antenna and side mirrors are sturdy, but look toyish.

Side looks good, with good stance and body shape. The vents on top of the doors are perforated, and closed by plastic molded covers. The side markers are separate clear pieces, with very unnoticeable attachment stubs. The side windows have small holes perforated to allow cool air in. The gas valve is very well made, with great definition and gold paint. The side exhausts are well done, with a hole in the body and a separate “pipe” inside. The pipes are excavated. As you can see in my pics, the shutlines on the engine cover are atrocious, especially on the driver side. I’ve been advised that loosening the screws on the undercarriage helps with this, but mine didn’t improve any when I did this. However, the shutlines on the doors are small, and the small hinge is practically invisible (since it’s painted white).  

The rear is very simple, with small brake lights. These are well done, with only small attachment stubs and all are separate clear pieces. The three vents between the lights are perforated. The wing is part of the body, except for the supports. The supports are plastic.



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