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GMP AER Mustang 1994 Ron Fellows Review
Authored by Gary

Wheels, Brakes and Undercarriage

The rims are beautiful pieces, with a gold center and chromed edges. The detail is very nice, including the lugnut in the center of the rim, and the little “rivets” on the chromed edge. Note the rear rims are smaller due to the larger/wider tires. The racing slicks are marked with “Goodyear Eagle” too. Brakes are good as well, with static callipers and moving discs. The callipers are decently detailed. Undercarriage is all sealed, as expected from a race car. One can actually see a lot from the wheelarches though, like suspension details, and actually see the interior of the racecar (!). .



This is the part that this model excels on. The engine is beautiful. It’s wired and a separate piece. The brake cooling ducts for the front wheels are visible too. There’s some weird texture on the black surface just behind the front bumper though, I have no clue what it is, but it looks like dried glue. So if you’re picking this up, make sure you take a look or ask the seller to check for you.


The doors are sealed, but the interior is fully furnished. The dash looks good with buttons and dials all molded and detail painted. The steering wheel looks well-padded, but is NOT connected to the tires (but tires still turn). The seat is a disappointment, as it looks to be hard plastic, and the seatbelts are decals. The rollcage is nicely done though. Luckily the rear fares a bit better, with a clear plastic piece separating the driver and the rear. A cluster of wires and a fuel cell nozzle is visible. As mentioned before, the driver side “net” is a plastic piece, but is perforated and is detail painted.



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