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Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari F430 Challenge Review Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari F40
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About the model

This is a model of the Ferrari F430 Challenge car. As far as I know, the 1:1 car hasn’t been produced yet, only a few prototypes have been shown. Currently Hotwheels produces this car only in red, but there’s a blue/white dual colour livery on the 1:1 as well.

What’s in the box

Model comes in a standard HW Elite box, which means black box, with a clear plastic window. Inside, the model is secured to a plastic base with 4 screws. The base is surrounded by a cardboard surround. The boot and engine cover are held by wires, much like the Autoart window boxes.


The model is painted in the traditional red paint, which is a good match to the 1:1. The thickness is good, and there’s no orange peel anywhere.

HW got the front mostly right, with great perforated vents. The large ones on the left and right are meshed as well. Ride height is nice and low. The tow hook is the wrong colour (red on the pics I found online, yellow on the model). The lights are well detailed, with separate clear pieces for the clusters. However, the white light cluster is way too small when compared to the 1:1. No attachment stubs are present. Hood pins are photoetch pieces and look convincing enough, but the Ferrari logo is a sticker. The little red wire at the edge of the hood (just under the windshield) is replicated, which is a surprise. Wipers are well detailed, as well as the white side mirrors. The driver side mirror has “F430” engraved in it, which is accurate. Shutlines on the hood are surprisingly good, as I needed a tool to get the hood open. Note that the 1:1 pics don’t have the Pirelli sponsors, as well as those small triangular logos on the edge of the hood. The #14 looks right proportion-wise, and is a tampo.

Moving on, stance and ride height look good. That side vent on the front bumper is perforated, and the side marker is a separate clear piece with a very small attachment stub. Kudos to HW for getting it right. Ferrari logos on top of the side markers are stickers again. The sliding window on the side windows is nicely done too, with good detail. The vents behind the doors are perforated and meshed, and look fantastic. The Pinifarina logos are photoetch pieces and are legible. The vents beside these logos are perforated as well. The Shell and Sabelt sponsors are decals, which suck. I guess this is a blessing in disguise, as the photos of the 1:1 have only the Shell sponsor on one side of the car, and decals are easier to remove than tampoes… Talking about sponsors, the 1:1’s pics show “OMP” as the sponsor instead of Sabelt. The gas fueler caps are nicely detailed. Shutlines are small, again needing tools to get the doors open. 

Onwards to the rear, brake lights are good, with clear parts (instead of paint!) for the backup and signal lights. However, these backup and signal lights are too large, the 1:1’s is much smaller. There are no attachment stubs, and the third brake light is a clear red piece. Ferrari prancing horse logo is  photoetch, but again, it’s too big when compared to the 1:1. Vents behind the logo are perforated and meshed, and engine detail can be seen behind it. Moving a bit lower, the muffler tips should be chromed, but the model only has silver paint. Also, the tips are only very slightly excavated, but at least HW painted in the insides to give the illusion it’s deeper. The black area where the exhausts are is meshed too. The tow ring is again, the wrong colour, and weirdly on mine, moves around. The rear diffusers are replicated and look accurate. Shutlines on the engine cover are pretty good, but not as good as the front or the doors.



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