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Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari F430 Challenge Review
Authored by Gary

Wheels, Brakes and Undercarriage

This is where HW falters, and I wish somehow AA had designed this part. The rims have the right design, but each spoke is way too thick. Also, the proportion of tirewall height to the rim size is wrong, as the 1:1 has very thin tirewall compared to the 19” rims. Talking about rim size, the model measures to around 20” in real life, which is too big. But at least it looks decently proportioned, unlike the accurately-sized-but-looks-bad 599 Fiorano. Note that the center locking nut should be gold on one side, but HW just put red on all 4 wheels. Brake discs are real metal pieces from what I can see (not photoetch piece, full metal!), but this is completely wrong, as the real car had carbon-ceramic brakes. They do have decent detail, and move while the decently detailed callipers stay static. Tires are branded and have the right manufacturer, but the 1:1 has a different logo than the model. It should be a small red logo, and not a huge yellow one like the model. The slick tires feel realistic. Undercarriage is all sealed, but the rear diffusers look good.


Bonnet opens on doglegs but stay up. Engine detail is good, with wiring underneath the big plenums. There’s lots of detail painting underneath as well. The Ferrari logo looks to be a photoetch piece, and the Ferrari words are chromed. Overall, very well done here.


Interior is very well done. The rollcage is accurately done, the dash is well detailed with good detail painting on the vents. The steering wheel is very accurate, but looks too plasticky, as the real one should be alacantara trimmed. The pedals are made of metal/photoetch and look fantastic. The floor is covered by a checkered non-slip pattern, and on the model it’s more metal/photoetch. However, the 1:1’s pattern is black. The passenger side has a tank of some sort on the floor, and HW replicated that, including the warning stickers! However, the 1:1 only has one driver seat, but the model has two. The felt material lined seats look and feel good, with fabric belts and metal buckles. However, the red colour of the seats may be a tad too dark. Doors open on realistic hinges and stay open with no hint of wobble. The door sides are boring, just a black expanse with a cutout where the electronics/handles used to be on the roadcar. I like the rivets/screws molded on the door sides. The front hood opens on doglegs as well, but stays up fine. There’s some detail inside, with 2 silver bottles with wires, and some rivets detailing on the floor.




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