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AUTOart Toyota FJ Cruiser Dealer Edition Review
Authored by Gary
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About the model

This model is the 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser. The regular release of this model comes in blue and black, but is only available in Europe and Asia as of now (Jul/06). In North America, the only way to get one of these models without importing is to purchase a 1:1 FJ Cruiser in USA, and Toyota USA sends you the 1:18 model (same colour as your 1:1). These dealer models are numbered. The dealer only colours include: Sun Fusion (yellow), silver, and Black Cherry (dark red metallic). Note that the dealer edition also includes a different outer cardboard box, first edition FJ magazine, and a COA. Even the cardboard box used to ship the model is branded FJ Cruiser!

What’s in the box

The model comes in a normal sized Autoart Millenium box, with outer cardboard box and inner Styrofoam clamshell. The model is attached with four screws. The model is surprisingly light, but feels well built.


The model comes in a non-metallic yellow. Paint quality is very good, very smooth. There is no orange peel anywhere. Thickness is perfect as well.

Starting at the front, ride height is correct. Headlights look great, with good detailed lenses, and the inner bulb represented. The direction lights have good detail underneath as well, but it’s harder to see because of the coloured lenses. All lights do not have attachment stubs. The vent with the “Toyota” word is perforated and closed by metal mesh. The “Toyota” word is chromed and looks fantastic. The vents above the silver bumper is perforated and meshed as well. The bumper itself is plastic, hence the light weight, but look good. Sadly, the small strip “vent” on the hood is not perforated, and is only a strip of flat black paint. The side mirrors are fantastic, however. They mirror the 1:1 perfectly, and the small lights are done well, with good detail on the lense. There are no attachment stubs here too, which is commendable. The triple wipers are well detailed, and the small “vents” under the wipers are molded as well, and are perforated. Shutlines on the hood are good, except on the side edges, where they become a tad bigger. At least it’s consistent on both sides though.

Moving on to the side, it looks pretty good here too. The character lines, body shape, and ride height are bang on. The door handles are separate silver pieces, and the gas cap is very well defined. The roof rack is very well detailed and copies the 1:1 rack’s weird shape perfectly. The side step rail is replicated too, although it’s hard to see in my photos. These are well detailed, but feel fragile, so if you have one of these models, refrain from using the step rails to hold the model. All doors have full windows but shutlines could be better, especially around the rear of the suicide door.

The rear continues the winning looks, with great rear lights. They’re very 3D looking, and have the correct shape. The white back-up lights are integrated very well, and there are bulbs represented inside as well. The auxiliary brake lights on top of the windshield and on the bumper are only painted, however. There are no attachment stubs on any of the lights. The door hinge on the left is small, and is painted black. This could’ve been better done, as there are small run-off points. The Toyota logo and “FJ Cruiser” words are chromed, but here, could’ve been done better, since it looks quite crude when up close. The spare tire is exactly the same as the other four tires. Bumper is again another silver plastic piece, but is realistic. Muffler tip is visible, but is only slightly excavated. I am very impressed, however, by Autoart’s work on the keyhole, it looks to be a chrome piece, but is done much better than the Toyota logo and words. Shutlines around the back are very good. I had to use a tool to get the door open.




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