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AUTOart Toyota FJ Cruiser Dealer Edition Review
Authored by Gary
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Wheels, Brakes and Undercarriage

The six-spoke rims are beautiful affairs, with very good detail throughout. The lugnuts are amazing and look real. The Toyota logo in the center cap is well defined. Even the small indentations on the rim of the alloys are replicated. The tires have realistic feel and tread, and are even branded. However, in most 1:1 photos of the FJ, the tire brand is not in white lettering. However, I have found a few on the USA Toyota site that have this (on the silver FJ testing in the winter). Toyota does not mention the tire brand in their specs, so I’ll have to assume the branding is correct. Brake discs are photoetch pieces with “wear patterns” and look great. The callipers have good detail and definition, but are mostly hidden behind the alloys. The callipers are static while the discs move with the tires. Undercarriage is usually a sour point for Autoart, and this is no exception. Granted, there’s actually quite a lot of detail, but the sea of black doesn’t help matters any. Basically only the exhaust system shows up, since it’s in a contrasting silver. There’s some suspension detail, and a lot of detail molding everywhere on the chassis. A silver “plaque” shows the serial number of this model.


The engine cover opens on doglegs, and stays up. The engine itself looks to be a separate piece, and there is some basic wiring. The big plastic black cover covers some detail. There are warning stickers present. The detail painting adds some realism. In the end, however, only a decent effort.


The interior is a high point on this model. The instrument cluster is a sticker, but looks decent. The dashboard has great molding, with good definition and detail painting. All the air vents, buttons, stalks, etc. are all well done. Steering wheel is well padded, and the various steering mounted controls are painted on. The Toyota logo looks to be chromed. The center console is amazing, with very good painting, and the correct body coloured cover. The seats are works of art though. They’re real fabric, and feel soft to the touch. Not only that, but the fabric parts are really weaved, just like the real thing! Both front and back seats are done this way. Seatbelts are fabric, with separate buckles. The front seatbelts are located on the suicide doors, which is accurate. The floor of the interior is not carpeted, which is true to the 1:1, since Toyota advertises that you can hose down the interior of the FJ. However, AA didn’t skimp here, and put in the patterns on the plastic floor, rear seatback, and trunk. The doors open on realistic hinges, and do not wobble when open, even the suicide doors. The front doorsides have decent detail, with molded speakers and detail painting for the handles/plastic inserts. The suicide doors, as mentioned before, have the seatbelts attached here, and the rest of it is almost all black except for the small yellow insert. The trunk opens on the small exterior hinge, and does not wobble when open. The trunk opens counterclockwise. Inside, there’s the plastic textured floor and that’s about it. There are some moldings for the small crevices/cubbieholes though.




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