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Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari FXX Review Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari F40
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About the model

This model is a replica of the Ferrari track-only car, the FXX. It currently only comes in red (Jul/06), but a blue version is slated to come out soon. This is a Hotwheels Elite release, meaning better detail than their usual diecast lineup.

What’s in the box

The model comes in a window box, with the model secured to the plastic base by three screws. The three sides of the inner base are cardboard (much like the old Kyosho boxes). The screws are VERY long and take forever to take out. There are metal wires holding the engine cover and front boot closed. Be careful when removing these wires, as they can damage the paint. The model is very heavy.


The model comes in Ferrari red, with good, rich application. The thickness is good, much better than normal Hotwheel releases. There is no orange peel, but there are curiously small bits of plastic all over the model, probably dirt from the factory.

Ride height looks good from the front. Being a racecar, there are only small headlights. The lights look decent, and do not have attachment stubs. All lower vents are perforated, and a tow ring is visible in the middle vent. The two reverse vents beside the lights are perforated as well, but are then closed with plastic pieces molded with fan detail. The small vent in the middle of the white stripe is perforated as well, and this is where the previously mentioned metal wires hold the hood to the body. The wiper has decent detail and is secure. The hoodpins, however, are atrocious. They’re molded to the metal, and painted silver. It just looks very toyish this way. I was hoping Hotwheels would at least use a separate plastic piece to replicate this. Front hood has very bad shutlines, as on my example, the hood doesn’t close all the way. The white stripe feels like a tampo, and the Ferrari badge is raised (!). The badge actually feels like a photoetch piece, with the rest of the logo tampoed on top. It’s quite impressive.

The side looks good, with great proportions and stance. The turning indicators are separate clear pieces, and do not appear to have attachment stubs. The side windows are the racing kind, meaning small sliding windows. Hotwheels replicated this, but would’ve looked even better if they painted the rectangular frames. The vents in front of the doors are replicated with black molded plastic (the Enzo had stickers here). Same thing is done for the large vents behind the doors. The large Ferrari logo is nice, but I can’t tell if it’s a sticker. The gas cap is very detailed, with good details and even words are readable. Shutlines on the doors are bad. Actually that’s not quite true, it’s good everywhere, except where the door meets the front windshield. It’s not really evident from the photos though.

The rear looks good, with all vents being perforated and closed with metal mesh. The rear tire vents and engine vents are perforated as well. There are only four small white lights in the bottom vents, but Hotwheels screwed up on these. They used white paint underneath the clear pieces, and it looks quite toyish. The muffler tips are chromed and slightly excavated. These are surrounded by black paint, which should’ve been carbon fiber textured like the 1:1. The center lower vent, with the white raised little white dot, could’ve been more detailed. From the 1:1 photos, there should be a weird little contraption sticking out (likes like the pouring mechanisms bars use on their bottled liquor). The prancing horse is a separate photoetch piece, which is very detailed. The spoilers are well made, but the fins are a tad too thick. From the rear, part of the firewall between the interior and the engine bay is visible, and Hotwheels painted it with the correct colours. However, the two black pieces in the center shouldn’t be there. Those are the hinges on the model, but the 1:1 doesn’t have those, obviously. Shutlines, as mentioned previously, are very good on the engine cover. However, Hotwheels used two more of the “raised but only painted” hood pins and it looks quite bad.



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