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Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari FXX Review
Authored by Gary

Wheels, Brakes and Undercarriage

Hotwheels thankfully did not reuse the Enzo’s rims. The rims here are well done, with good detail and definition. The center cap would’ve looked more 3D with better painting (black rim around the center cap), but the Ferrari logo is replicated and placement is good. Tires feel realistic (very sticky!) and are branded Bridgestone. Brakes are decent, with static callipers and moving discs. The discs are not cross drilled, with dimples representing the holes. Sadly, Hotwheels didn’t even paint the holes black, which looks really bad. The callipers are very good, however, with very good detail and the word “Ferrari” etched and chromed. The undercarriage is sealed, with only the rear diffusers visible.


The engine cover opens on doglegs, but need the supplied prop to stay up. Engine is not wired, unless you count the two silver/red wires running to the edge of the engine bay. And looking carefully, I believe the main engine part is not a separate piece, but molded together with the chassis. Good thing there is lots of good detail painting everywhere though. The suspension is detailed nicely with real springs. The Ferrari words on the covers are photoetch pieces. The most amazing thing in the engine bay is the warning badge to the right of the right Ferrari logo is a photoetch piece (in the photo, the rectangular silver shape on the right)!



The interior looks good, with good carbon fiber effects throughout. The lap timer/screen in the middle of the dash could be better though, as it’s in grey and looks very plasticky. The pedals are decent, with small dimples representing the holes. Rollcage is present and looks good. Steering wheel is well padded, with lots of small multi-colour detail painting done. The various buttons, switches, and air vents are actually very well molded and painted. The seats are plastic, but have a soft feel on the seating surface. The seatbelts are true fabric pieces, with photoetch buckles, and these look fantastic. The doors open with two small hinges, which looks very discrete and actually stays up. Note that the doors open wider than the ones on the BBR Enzo! The door sides are boring, with almost pure black surfaces and very few details. I’m guessing this is the 1:1’s fault though. I have one note of caution about the doors. On my example, the driver side door was very hard to open, and I traced the problem to the front windshield placement, since the edge of the windshield is brushing against the door. I have to hold the windshield piece down and very carefully open the door. The front trunk opens on doglegs, and mine are almost impossible to open. Once open, they stay up. Inside, we see some fluid reservoir and some piping. Nothing spectacular, but it looks pretty good. The silver vent is actually a photoetch piece.



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