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ERTL Pontiac GTO Review
Authored by Gary

Wheels, Brakes and Undercarriage

The rims are badly done, both in terms of details and quality. The details are barely adequate, as the spokes are badly defined, the lugnuts are very “fake” looking, and the Pontiac logo is badly placed. The quality is even worse, as the rim edges still have some flash attached, meaning it’s very sharp. The tires are unmarked, but have accurate looking tread. However, I find the plastic on the tires too hard, would be more realistic if it were softer and less shiny. I found the reason for the whole model’s stance to be too high, and that’s because of the tires/wheel combo. The rims are WAY too big, as the 1:1 only had 17” rims, whereas the model has rims the equivalent of 20”! Also, when comparing the size of tires of the model to 1:1 pics, they look way too big in proportion to the rest of the body as well. Smaller tires/rims would solve the ride height problem completely. The brakes are some of the worst I’ve ever seen. The callipers are badly detailed, looking like black lumps, and the discs are so fake looking, they make Maisto brake discs look great! At least the discs move with the tires, and the calliper stays static. The undercarriage looks badly detailed (sea of black), but in reality, is well detailed, with suspension details and more engine details.



The hood opens up on big doglegs, and is very strongly spring-loaded. So be careful of where your fingers are when you close the hood, as it can catch and it’ll hurt. Engine is adequately detailed. The detail painting is accurate, but no warning stickers anywhere. The GTO badging is well done on the cam covers though. I believe the engine is a separate piece (looking from the undercarriage). 


For a budget model, the interior here is quite well done. The colour of the interior is really special, as it’s purple and black. No carpet is present, of course, but the details elsewhere are quite nice. Steering wheel is well padded, gear shifter is nicely detail painted, and the center console is decently molded but needs detail painting. The seats are hard plastic, but have nice paintjobs and the knob controls are especially well molded. The front seatbacks move forward too. Rear seats are just as well painted as the fronts. Pedals are not cross-drilled, but have some detailing on them. The doors open on doglegs, but are very sturdy. The door sides are well detailed with the same purple/black combo of colours, and some silver and white paint for the door handle and light respectively.



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