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AUTOart and Kyosho Nissan R32 Skyline GT-R Comparison Review
Authored by Gary
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Exterior continued ...

AUTOart: Rearwards, almost everything is done very nicely, except the stance. The spoiler, key hole, and tow hooks are all done accurately. The Nissan and GTR logos are more tampoes, but look good. The defroster lines are painted on the rear windows, and the wiper is quite detailed. The lights look good, and are attachment stub-less. However, the backup lights are the wrong shape when compared to 1:1 photos. The backup lights should be more rectangular. The muffler tip is nicely chromed, but could be excavated deeper.

Kyosho: Here, the Kyosho falters slightly. The brake lights are well done, but the circular brake lights look a bit too big. Also, the turn signals don’t look very 3D. However, all lights do not have attachment stubs. The spoiler and sturdy and well detailed, as well as the tow hooks. The keyhole is even better done than the AUTOart, with great definition and detail. The logos look like photoetch pieces, and are very detailed. The etched word “Skyline” is very well defined, and looks great. The wipers are just as detailed as the AUTOart. The muffler tip is chromed, and deeper excavated than the AUTOart.

Advantage Kyosho: The wrong proportion of the exterior on the AUTOart really takes it down a lot. But exterior detail-wise, both are about equal.


Wheels, Brakes and Undercarriage

AUTOart: The five spoke rims are very beautiful, with great detail. The lugnuts are very 3D looking. The center logo is replicated as well. The tires have accurate tread and have a good feel, but sadly are unmarked. Brakes are great, with real cross-drilled photoetch discs and detailed branded callipers. Calipers stay static and the discs move with the wheels. The undercarriage is pretty standard, with some suspension and muffler details.

Kyosho: The five spoke rims are also very nicely done, probably more so than the AUTOart. Their colour is darker than the AUTOart’s though. I don’t know which colour is correct. However, I believe the shape and design of the Kyosho rims is correct, since the AUTOart version is too “straight” (no bend in the middle of the spokes). The lugnuts are VERY detailed, and look removeable (they’re not). Brakes are great, with real cross-drilled photoetch discs and detailed callipers. Undercarriage is standard, but better than AUTOart’s effort. Suspension and muffler detail is about the same quality as the AUTOart, but the suspension works.

Advantage Kyosho: AUTOart is the king of brakes and wheels, but Kyosho has caught up. The inaccurate rims on the AUTOart really brings this category to Kyosho. The working suspension doesn’t hurt either.



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