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AUTOart and Kyosho Nissan R32 Skyline GT-R Comparison Review
Authored by Gary
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AUTOart: Engine cover opens on dogleg hinges, and stay up using the hidden metal prop rod. Engine has good detail, with some wiring, warning stickers, and lots of detail painting. Engine looks to be a separate piece. The cam cover looks especially realistic. However, the “Nissan” banner on the cam cover is way too small. One thing I have to mention, is that AUTOart even flocked the underside of the engine cover, kudos to AUTOart for this and also making the prop rod.

Kyosho: Engine cover opens on doglegs as well, but they’re smaller than the AUTOart’s. Cover stays up once open. Engine is a separate piece, and has amazing detail. There’s more wiring present, along with better definition of the various parts. However, the cam cover isn’t nearly as well made as the AUTOart and looks very plasticky. The “Nissan” banner is correctly sized, but the colour and texture make it look a bit toyish. The underside of the engine cover is also flocked like the AUTOart, with one big difference. The Kyosho goes as far as to recreate the words “Skyline” on the flocking! Now that’s some detail! However, the Kyosho doesn’t come with the prop rod like the AUTOart, which was slightly disappointing.

Advantage Kyosho: A very good effort from AUTOart, but Kyosho just one-ups them almost every step of the way. Words etched in flocking still boggle my mind…



AUTOart: The interior is very well made. Starting from the dash, the dials are represented by stickers, but are very convincing. The rest of the dashboard and the center console are very well detailed, all buttons/knobs/vents are molded and detail painted. Even the little analog clock to the right of the steering wheel is represented. The pedals look a bit big, and the gas pedal is silver, which I believe is inaccurate. The seats are coated with a Alacantra feel material and looks great, but the seatbacks seem a tad thin. The seat controls are replicated as well. The rear seats are made of the same velvety material as the front seats and are coloured correctly as well. All seats have fabric seatbelts with separate buckles. Doors open on small realistic hinges, with no wobble when open. Door sides are very detailed, and you can see the 3D door handles and various buttons and speakers! Looking at both sides’ door sides, I noticed that both sides are different. The passenger side has an extra grab handle. This is accurate to the 1:1 as well. Kudos to AUTOart for not missing this detail. The whole interior is covered with rich, realistic carpet. The trunk opens on small doglegs, and stay up by itself. The trunk is nothing special though, just a nicely carpeted compartment.

Kyosho: Interiors have always been Kyosho’s strong suit, and this one does not disappoint. Dials are replicated by one large sticker, which looks unrealistic. However, the rest of the dashboard makes up for this, with amazing detail molded, including the buttons/dials/stalks around the dash. The steering wheel is well detailed and padded, but looks boring since it’s all black. Pedals are well made and detailed, with the dead pedal modelled as well. Center console has good molded detail, with detail painting. The handbrake and gear shift levers are well detailed too. The seats are covered with Alacantra feel material. The most amazing thing about the seats, however, are the leather “stitchings” replicated on the seats. The front seatbacks even fold down. Seatbelts are fabric with photoetch buckles. The floor is covered with rich and realistic feeling carpet. Doors open on small discrete hinges, and no wobble when open. Door sides are well detailed, with great definition on the opening mechanism, and Alacantra material as the inserts. The speakers could be better detailed though. The trunk opens on small dogleg hinges and stays open. The trunk is covered with the same rich carpet as the interior. However, the bottom part actually comes out, revealing a spare tire!

Advantage Kyosho: Both interiors are well made, but the Kyosho has more working features. I had to choose Kyosho once I saw the spare tire replicated as well.



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