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AUTOart Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Review
Authored by Gary
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About the model

This model depicts the 2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06, which has an amazing 505hp, coupled with the light weight, makes it a genuine American supercar. It’s also quite affordable (if you find 100K affordable). Autoart has made two colours as of now (Jun/06), red and yellow. Both colours are limited to 6000 pieces each.

What’s in the box

Model comes in standard AA window packaging, with the plastic skeleton frame. There is a sticker on the outer box which shows the limited status. Model is secured to the base with four screws, along with two wires holding the trunk and engine cover closed. There is a COA listing the serial number of the model. The undercarriage of the model also has the same number as the COA. The model is uncharacteristically heavy for an Autoart, even though it’s nowhere near as heavy as the Kyosho models.



The model is painted in a non-metallic yellow, which is the same colour as the C6R race cars. The paint application is good, with even distribution. There is no paint mismatch from what I can see. Thickness is good, and feels realistic.

Front stance looks good, very nice and low. Sadly, the headlights aren’t very realistic looking. The two small lights are well made. However, the larger light is very plasticky. The lense cover is well placed, and the black surround is replicated as well. The foglights are very detailed, with no attachment stubs, but the driver side one on my example is placed a little bit off center. The Corvette logo in the center is very well made, even though it’s only a tampo. The small vent above the Corvette logo is perforated, as is the large vent in the middle of the bumper. The large vent is also closed by real mesh. Side mirrors are detailed and secure. The hood has very bad shutlines, especially near the front. I can forgive the bad front shutline, as the engine cover opens suicide style, but the edges are unforgivable.

Moving on to the side, the side markers are separate pieces, and have no noticeable attachment stubs. The stance of the car is great, and the character lines and shape is dead on. The “Z06” logo is another tampo, but is convincing. However, the vents just behind the Z06 logo are atrocious! They should be perforated, but AA just decided to put black paint to simulate openings. If they can open a vent as small as the one on the front, why close off the one on the side, which is larger? Doors have no side windows, but this is due to the removable roof (which I’ve not tried to remove). Another nasty corner cutting is evident at the door handles, where they are not separate pieces, but another dab of black paint. Notice AA made beautiful separate door handles on their other lower priced models (i.e. 350Z), yet didn’t do it for this model… The small vents behind the doors are more black paint. Gas cap is present, but could be better defined. The back brake lights are separate pieces, but have a small hint of an attachment stub, but it’s not too evident. The rear wheel well has black paint to simulate a separate black piece on the 1:1 car, and it looks bad, just because AA is lazy and didn’t even bother painting under the wheel well.

The rear improves from the side, with great 3D attachment stub-less brake lights. However, the small brake light on the black spoiler is only a tampo, and ruins the look. Corvette logo is again as nice as the one up front. Backup lights are beautiful separate pieces with great detail, and no attachment stubs. License plate is correctly scaled as well. Muffler tips are lightly excavated and painted black, and look good. Boot shutlines are much better than the hood, but is still inconsistent on the three edges.


AUTOart Chevrolet Corvette Z06

AUTOart Chevrolet Corvette Z06

AUTOart Chevrolet Corvette Z06

AUTOart Chevrolet Corvette Z06

AUTOart Chevrolet Corvette Z06

AUTOart Chevrolet Corvette Z06
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