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Norev Audi A6 Limousine and Avant Review
Authored by Gary
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About the models

This model is a recent regular release of the Audi A6, which previously was only a dealer piece. The sedan (Limousine) comes in black metallic and silver (DE colour), and the wagon (Avant) comes in blue metallic and red metallic (DE colour). The MSRP ranges from 60 – 70USD on most online stores. It seems that this model was actually designed by Norev with help from Kyosho, hence the different packaging from other Norev models and the general “Kyosho-feel” of the model. I will be reviewing both the sedan and wagon in one review as they’re very similar.

What’s in the box

The model comes in an outer cardboard box, with an inner Styrofoam clamshell. The model is snug inside the shell and does not move. It is not secured by screws. Note the outer cardboard box is one of the coolest designs I’ve ever seen. It comes in all black, with white outlined profiles of the model on the various flaps. I think it’s very clean and artistic. A door opener is provided as well. The model is heavy, and feels well built.


Sedan: The model comes in a black metallic colour. Paint application is perfect, with smooth application and no orange peel anywhere. Flakes are realistically sized and amount of flakes is correct.

Wagon: The model comes in a blue metallic colour. Paint application is perfect, with smooth application and no orange peel anywhere. Flakes are realistically sized and amount of flakes is correct.

Sedan & wagon: Ride height is perfect. Front headlights are very well made, with beautifully detailed light clusters and clear, attachment stub-free lense covers. The large “Darth Vader” grill is perforated, with nice chrome surround and Audi logo in the middle. Even the small “Quattro” badge on the grill is replicated. The license plate is the correct size but is only a sticker. The light washers are molded on the bumper, but could have better definition. The lower vents beside the foglights are only textured and not perforated. The foglights are disappointing, as even though they are attachment stub-free, the installation of them on my models is bad. The wipers are decently detailed, and the side mirrors are securely made. Shutlines for the hood are very small.

Sedan: Ride height looks great, nice and low. The shape of the car is perfectly replicated, as are the various character lines running along the side. The chrome trim around the side windows are okay, but there are a few small spots which were missed. The door handle chrome accents have the same problem as the window chrome trim. Side markers are separate pieces, but have small attachment stubs. The gas cap is replicated, but could be better defined.

Wagon: The wagon has the same good and bad points as the sedan, except body style at the rear is different. The roof of the wagon has two small silver “roof rack” sliders replicated, which is accurate.

Sedan: The rear looks good, with realistic, stub-less, and 3D-look brake lights. The third brake light on the interior looks like it’s a separate piece, but I believe it’s only paint. The chrome trim along the boot lid is nice, but the rest of the chrome on the lettering is pretty bad, as there are lots of missing parts on the chrome, especially around the “3.2 Quattro” badging. The Audi logo is chromed as well, and is better done than the other badges, but there is a “haze” around the badging. The haze puzzles me as the Audi logo is molded and not a separate piece. Muffler tips are chromed and excavated. Shutlines around the boot are very small. License plates are the same as the front, meaning they’re stickers only.

Wagon: Everything is the same as the sedan, including the shoddy chroming. The wiper is secure and has adequate detail. The third brake light is more evident here to be paint rather than a separate piece. It is convincing enough that it’s very hard to tell that it’s paint.



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