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Norev Audi A6 Limousine and Avant Review
Authored by Gary
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Wheels, Brakes and Undercarriage

Sedan & wagon: Both models have the same beautiful well-defined spokes. All holes are crisply done, with no extra plastic “flash” leftover. The lugnuts are very detailed, some of the best I’ve ever seen. The Audi logo in the center is in a different colour, and are all correctly placed and well detailed. The tires are realistic in feel and tread, but are unmarked. Brakes are very well done, with machined photoetch discs that move with the tires, and callipers that stay static. The callipers are decently detailed. The undercarriage is uninteresting; it’s basically a sea of black with a silver painted exhaust system. There’s some effort on the rear suspension, but overall it’s quite dismal. Note there’s a small button on the front undercarriage that opens up the engine cover.



Sedan & wagon: The engine cover is opened by a small button on the undercarriage, and when open, stays up by itself. The engine though, is an utter disappointment. Actually that was an understatement, it’s a disaster. The engine looks to be a part of the chassis, and it’s not truly wired. Detail painting is abundant, but it doesn’t hide the fact the whole engine is one big lump with no attempt to recreate it at least semi-realistically. At least the Audi logo is chromed, albeit sloppily. Leave the engine cover closed when you display this model…


Sedan: A beautiful interior awaits when the doors are opened. The gauges are stickers, but have good detail. The steering wheel is nicely padded, with great detail painting for the Audi logo and surrounding colour trim. The stalks protruding from the steering stalk have markings on them as well (!), and the center console is superbly molded and detail painted. The realistic pedals have “dimples” on them instead of just tampo printing. The gear shifter is correctly coloured and well-detailed. The mocha coloured seats have a realistic feel, and even the controls are replicated. The rear seats are just as well made as the front seats, and the rear ones even fold down 50/50! Seatbelts are fabric affairs with separate buckles. The best part of this interior though, is definitely the wood trim. It’s very realistically coloured, and the grains are amazingly detailed. The doors open on realistic hinges, but my sedan’s driver door is wobbly when open, and doesn’t close tightly. The other doors do not wobble when open and close fine. The door sides are just as well detailed as the rest of the interior, with wood trim accents, and window controls molded and detail painted. The only disappointing part on the door side is the sloppily painted door handle, which isn’t very well molded and should be a chrome piece instead of silver paint. Plush carpet lines the cabin. The trunk opens on doglegs and stays up. The inside is lined with the same lush carpet. There’s a small hazard triangle on the underside of the trunk door.

Wagon: Mostly the same details as the sedan, with two major differences. First difference is that the interior is in black instead of black and mocha like the sedan. I personally prefer the sedan colour combo more. The other difference is that the trunk is different (this being a wagon and all). The trunk door opens on small doglegs and stays up. The whole trunk is lined with the same carpet as the sedan. There are two silver “rails” in the trunk, I assume this is for securing objects to the floor.



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