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Norev Audi A6 Limousine and Avant Review
Authored by Gary
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These Audi models from Norev are their “top of the line” models, which really are quite a bit better than their regular release models. However, probably because of Kyosho’s help on designing the model, there are some problems which got transferred as well, mainly the crappy engine compartment. QC is also kind of iffy, especially on the chrome bits. However, these two models just look “right” when on display, and the bad parts aren’t too apparent, so I definitely still recommend these models to collectors if they’re into this sort of theme. I got these Audi’s for around 80CAD each piece, which is a good price, but priced slightly higher than Kyosho models.

Summary and Scoring

Great exterior, bad QC on chrome though.


  Wheels and Tires
Great rims, tires, brakes. Bad undercarriage.

Almost perfect, if only that door handle were better made...


Engine? There’s an engine?!

(weighted average with emphasis placed on exterior and interior)
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Norev Audi A6 Limousine and Avant
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