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Exoto Sauber Mercedes C9 Michelin #63 Review
Authored by Gary
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About the model

This model replicates the 1987 Supercup Sauber C9 (Michelin) driven by M. Thackwell.

What’s in the box

Model comes in a large outer cardboard box, with inner Styrofoam clamshell held by two “clips”. No screws are used to hold the model to the box, but the model is very secure, with very little movement possible. The model is VERY heavy, but parts feel fragile.



The model comes in a rich blue metallic colour, and has smooth and even distribution. There is no orange peel anywhere, and the colour looks spot-on (compared to the old 1:1 photos). Paint thickness is perfect as well.

Front looks very good, with great details all over. However, the ride height is too high. The large front vent is perforated, as are the wheel vents and small vents all over the front cover. There are some details underneath the large front vent, with some metal mesh and tow rings. The lights have good detail, with small attachment stubs present in the circular and signal lights. However, the lense cover has amazing detail, with perfect shape, and small real metal “rivets” holding the lense cover to the lense. The side mirrors have correct detail painting, but are slightly too fragile for my tastes. The single wiper is well detailed as well. The livery is stunning, with all sponsors done with tampoes. Shutlines on the front cover are passable.

Moving to the side, we can definitely see the front stance being too high, as the distance between the wheel well and the wheel is way too much. As shown in the photo, the shutline between the front cover and the body is pretty big. The large and small vents on the doors are perforated, and the exhaust ports have amazing detail inside. The door hinges are eye catching due to their colour, but are relatively small. Gas cap has good detail and paint. The livery is stunning here as well, with full tampoes. Shutlines on the doors are very small, but the shutline on the engine cover is pretty bad. The spoiler is well detailed as well, with more tampoes, and good definition on the blades and support. However, I believe the supports are plastic, so be careful when handling the model.

The rear of the model is quite simple. The two small circular lights don’t look very good, with very bad definition and looks very flat. The chrome surround on those same lights are only okay in their application. The small rectangular brake light has two large attachment stubs which ruin the look. There is some engine detail which can be seen through here, and the spoiler supports have good detail. The small vents on the engine cover are perforated.



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