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Exoto Sauber Mercedes C9 Michelin #63 Review
Authored by Gary
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Exotos have never been cheap, and this model retails for 240USD (it’s discontinued by Exoto). The exterior is good but unspectacular. However, the engine and interior details really are quite amazing. Personally I think the model isn’t worth the asking price. However, only Exoto produces the Sauber C9, so if you want a replica of one, Exoto is the only way to go. Note that Exoto produces a ton of different liveries for this model, and some of them usually go for cheaper prices, so those are a better deal if you don’t care for a specific livery.

Summary and Scoring

Good, but front stance is disappointing.


  Wheels and Tires
Good rims, good brakes.

Very good interior, with amazing number of rivets.


One of the best I’ve seen.

(weighted average with emphasis placed on exterior and interior)
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