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Honda Civic Dealer Edition Review Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari F40
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About the model

The model represents the newly released Civic from China. Incidentally, it’s almost completely the same model as the Civic in North America. The model currently (Aug/06) only comes in metallic red and black.  I’m not quite sure who makes this, as it feels like a Jadee, but since the badging isn’t photoetch pieces, it probably isn’t. It might be a Checkmate (CM), as they like to use tampoes for badging. If this is so, they’ve really upped their game a lot!

What’s in the box

The model comes in a cardboard box, with internal Styrofoam clamshell. The model is snug inside the clamshell, with no screws. The outer box is decorated with schematic drawings of the Civic, much like the Norev A6 boxes. The model is heavy and feels well built when held.


The model comes in non-metallic black. The paint is very smooth, with good thickness.

Ride height is accurate. The lights look fantastic, with great detail on the separate lenses, and no attachment stubs anywhere. The foglights have no attachment stubs either, and have a beautifully finished chrome ring around them. The vents are all perforated, and the Honda logo is delicately chromed. Side mirrors have good detail, and are foldable. Wipers are well detailed. Hood shutlines are very small, so small, in fact, it’s hard to tell where the hood opens up.

The side continues with great stance and shape. The crease just under the window is carried out beautifully. The side markers are separate clear pieces, but have small attachment stubs. The words on top of the side markers (1.8L VTEC) are tampoed on. The door handles are separate pieces, and actually help with opening the doors. Shutlines are very small, possibly helped by the black colour of the model.

The rear continues the great representation of the real car, with beautiful 3D brake lights. The detail underneath is very good, and the lenses are accurately coloured for the signals/back up lights. There are hints of attachment stubs on the edges, however. The Honda badge is again, delicately chromed, but my example seems to have the logo a bit tilted. The rest of the badging is done by tampoes and look good. Shutlines are very small. The muffler tip is slightly excavated, and the inside is painted flat black.




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