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Honda Civic Dealer Edition Review
Authored by Gary

Wheels, Brakes and Undercarriage

The five spoke rims are very detailed, with good definition. The lugnuts are well defined and look very 3D. The center Honda logo is clear and centered. Brake discs are photoetch pieces, with wear represented. Calipers have good detail, and are painted in a realistic silvery colour. Discs move with the tires while the callipers stay static. Tires feel realistic and have good tread, but are unmarked. The undercarriage has only adequate detail, with some engine and suspension detail present. The exhaust system is highlighted in silver. The whole undercarriage looks drab due to the boring grey/black/silver combo.


This really is a surprise to me. The detail on the engine is very good, with wiring and warning stickers galore. The engine block is a separate piece as well, with lots of detail painting. This is a very good rendition of a modern day engine, where most of them have large covers blocking everything.


The interior is just perfect. There are no other words to describe it. The instrument cluster is a sticker, but is realistic with the large tachometer. All vents are modelled and detail painted. The steering wheel is a work of art. Stitching is visible on the well padded steering wheel, and the Honda logo is chromed. The wheel mounted buttons are molded/detailed/painted as well. The words are almost legible on there! The center console is just as well made, with amazing detail and detail painting. Each knob is molded and painted. The gear shifter is semi-chromed and looks phenomenal. The handbrake is well detailed as well. The center display is replicated as well, with a deep groove and paint underneath. Seats feel realistic, and the seatbelts are all fabric with separate buckles. The whole interior is covered in rich realistic carpeting. The doors open on realistic hinges and stay open with no wobble. The door sides continue with the amazing detail, with molded and painted buttons. Lots of detail painting on the door handles, and the speakers are molded as well, but could be better if they filled in the little dimples with black paint. The sunroof opens and stays up. The boot opens on small realistic dogleg hinges and stays up. The inside is lined with rich carpet, in grey (instead of brown like the interior). However, there’s a red jack seen at the edge, and the whole floor lifts up to reveal a spare tire with tools. The floor is hinged, so to keep it up, you’ll need something to hold it in place.




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