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BBR Ferrari Enzo Review
Authored by Leslie
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The BBR Ferrari Enzo is a nice model. It features details, like removable wheels and working metal suspension, one can only find on high end models, but lacks the level of attention to detail that we have become accustomed to with the likes of Exoto or CMC. For this reason, I would only recommend this model to Enzo devotees who don’t mind paying a lot more for an extra bit of detail. Perhaps the Hotwheels version and the forthcoming Hotwheels Elite version will be enough to satisfy most people’s needs. The bottom line is – this is the best 1:18 Ferrari Enzo money can buy, for now, and that’s good enough for me. Hopefully the photos in the gallery will allow you to draw your own conclusions about the model.

Summary and Scoring

Perfect stance. Attachment stubs mar the score somewhat.
  Wheels and Tires
Lovely wheel and brake details. Unmarked tires and lack of detail in the plastic undercarriage a little disappointing.

Very good, but could be better given the price.


Like the interior, it is very nice, but could benefit from a little more attention to detail.

(weighted average with emphasis placed on exterior and interior)
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BBR Ferrari Enzo
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