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Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari F40 Review Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari F40
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About the model

This model is an upgraded remake of the old Hot Wheels Ferrari F40. Even the dates on the undercarriage say 1999. This Elite version comes in red and yellow, and the MSRP is around 70USD.

What’s in the box

The model comes in a window box, with the model secured to the plastic base by three screws. The three sides of the inner base are cardboard (much like the old Kyosho boxes). The three screws are easy to remove, but there is a metal wire that secures the engine cover to the base, and that one is VERY hard to take out. I suggest just cutting the wire. The model is very heavy.


The model comes in a non-metallic yellow colour. The paint application is very good, and is very smooth. However, it is a little too thick.

The ride height looks to be a little too high, but it’s not too noticeable. Front headlights are well done, with clear orange pieces for the indicators, and a chrome binnacle for the other light. The light bulb is replcated on the chrome binnacle as well. These are covered by clear lense covers which have heat lines replicated as well. No attachment stubs can be seen. The pop up headlights aren’t replicated, but the edges of the pop up light cover are accentuated by black detail lines. I think these are a bit overdone, as the light gaps on the real car aren’t that large. The lower air vents are all perforated, and closed by real mesh. The black “line” along the bumper is painted black, and again, looks to be a bit too thick. The application of this black line is also kind of bad, as in some places there is overpaint. Ferrari logo looks to be a sticker, but detail is good. The two small air vents on the hood are nicely molded, but aren’t perforated. Wipers are adequately detailed, and side mirrors are sturdy and have no discolouration. However, the mirror sticker could be of better quality.

The side looks decent, with separate clear pieces for the side markers. The Ferrari logo is again, a sticker, but detail is good. The clip holding the front hood closed is only a black tampoed strip on this model, which looks very cheesy. The black character line halfway down the car is painted sloppily in some places, but thickness here is okay when compared to the 1:1. The keyhole on the door is replicated as a tampo/sticker, and looks okay. The side windows are present, but we get a race-car like small plexiglass sliding window instead of a full window. After Bern helped me check out his Ferrari book, it seems the sliding window is present on some F40’s (thanks Bern!). The air vents behind the doors are disappointing, as they’re only painted flat black. The Pinnifarina badge is a photoetch piece though, and looks very good. The rear “slits” under the rear wing are black paint again, but the F40 words on the spoiler are actually molded. Shutlines on the front hood, door, and engine cover are small.

The rear looks very good, almost Autoart-like. The vents on the engine cover are all perforated, and the positions are all correct. The small vents under the wing are perforated as well. The Ferrari words on top of the grill are photoetch pieces and look superb. The lights are surrounded by metal mesh and look superb. The circular brakelights look good, but the yellow turning signals are marred by the nasty silver paint to replicate the back-up lights. Both these sets of lights have no attachment stubs. The lower red brake lights are separate pieces too, but have attachment stubs. The muffler tips are silver painted, but are very shallowly excavated. At least they painted the inside black. The “clips” holding the engine cover closed are only black tampoes just like the front clips, and look nasty.



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