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Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari F40 Review
Authored by Gary

Wheels, Brakes and Undercarriage

The rims look good, with a realistic colour instead of just chrome (like in their old release). The spokes are well defined, and the rivets on the side are all replicated. However, I think HW made the number of rivets too few, as in close ups I’ve found on the internet, the rivets should be closer together and much more numerous. The center cap shouldn’t be solid black, as there should be a pin there. However, overall the rims still look very good. The tires have realistic feel and tread, but are unmarked. The brakes are well done, with discs that move with the tires, and static callipers. The callipers are adequately detailed, but could be done better. The discs are only plastic, but they look realistic and are truly cross drilled! Undercarriage is almost all sealed, but some suspension and engine details can be seen. I especially like the red shocks. However, I truly dislike the screw holes, I wish HW had gotten rid of them and used a Styrofoam clamshell instead of a window box.


The engine cover opens up small simple hinges, and look quite close to the 1:1’s design. The engine cover does not stay up by itself, as you might notice my finger in the top left of the photo above. The engine itself is not wired, but there is adequate detail and detail painting. There are some parts and detail painting missing when comparing to the 1:1 photos, but it’s a commendable effort by HW.



The interior is the highlight of this model. The dashboard is covered in realistic alacantra-like material, and is true to the 1:1. The gauges are stickers, but are readable and each has their own little circular binnacle. The steering wheel is well padded and realistic, but is set way too low on the dashboard. The center console is well detailed as well, with the three small air vents detailed nicely. The gear shifter is very nice, with a photoetch piece as the gate. Pedals are very detailed, with drilled holes and a photoetch finish. The seats are the correct shape, and they’re flocked. Although the flocking may be too much (it looks a bit too hairy), it’s much better than just hard plastic. The seatbelts are works of art, with fabric belts and photoetch buckles. The “Sabelt” logos are replicated, but are only stickers. The doors open on non-dog leg hinges, using a metal piece as a spring. The spring is very strong, so opening the door takes some doing. Once open, the doors have no wobble. Door sides are true to the 1:1 as well, with the innards visible. The front trunk opens on a simple hinge, but stay up. Note there are two metal wires holding the trunk to the chassis, very cool! The full size spare tire is just as nice as the other tires, and the detail painting in this area is very well done. However, I would’ve preferred a real fabric strap for the wheel, as the plastic strap doesn’t even touch the wheel, making it look cheesy. The twin fans attached to the hood are nicely detailed.



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