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Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari F40 Review
Authored by Gary
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When I first heard of Mattel making upgraded versions of their Ferrari’s, I was skeptical. When I heard about the MSRP, I was brushing Mattel off as being completely bonkers. However, when I bought my F40 and took a look, it actually is very well done. It really feels like an early Kyosho model than a Hot Wheels. I got mine for around 60CAD, so I think it was worth every penny. However, at the MSRP of 70USD, I cannot recommend this model to anyone, as for that price, Kyosho/Autoart/Minichamps is just better in terms of details for price ratio. However, if you have to have Ferrari models, this F40 Elite model is much better than the standard release. And if Hot Wheels puts the same amount of care and detail on their upcoming Elite releases, it’ll get very expensive for me…

Summary and Scoring

Good exterior, but sloppy painting and painted vents disappoint.


  Wheels and Tires
Good but slightly inaccurate rims, good brakes, good undercarriage.

Almost perfect except for location of steering wheel.


Decent engine, could be better if wired.

(weighted average with emphasis placed on exterior and interior)
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