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Classic Carlectables Ford FPV Falcon GT and GT-P Review
Authored by Gary



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About the model

This will be a review for two models at once, as the Classic Carlectables Ford FPV Falcon GT and Falcon GT-P are very similar models, differing only in a few small points. For common points on the models, I will label the section as “Both:”. Where the models differ, I will have two sections in that category for each model.
The Classic Carlectables Ford FPV Falcon GT comes in red (blood orange) and green (citric acid). Both colours were released in 2004. The Falcon GT-P comes in purple (Phantom) and green (acid rush). Both colours were released in 2004 as well. Both models are heavy, as all parts seem to be metal.

What’s in the box

Both models come in a double cardboard box. The strong outer cardboard white box has Classic Carlectables labelled on it. The inner box is a thinner grade cardboard box, with various photos of the model and its features. Inside the model is wrapped in a Styrofoam box, and is very snug, which negates the need for screws. The COA is nestled in a little groove on the top Styrofoam piece. It signifies the GT is a limited edition of 1500 and the GT-P is a limited edition of 1250. I’ve just noticed that underneath the model and the tissue paper, there is a wrapped door opener in a little crevice in the Styrofoam.


The paint colour is called Blood Orange, which is an orange-tinted red colour. The colour is quite “different”, and the name, when I first heard it, is quite scary… The colour is quite eye catching, especially when it’s put beside other red cars. The paint is nice and smooth on my example, with no hint of orange peel, and it’s painted with the perfect thickness. However, it doesn’t seem to “shine” as much as my GT-P or the UTE. I suspect they left out a coat of wax on my model. I believe the black horizontal stripes running down the side are tampoes instead of paint.

The paint colour is called Acid Rush, which is a greenish-yellowish metallic colour. It’s a very loud colour, and has a hint of colour-changing in different lighting conditions. The paint, however, is not perfect. There is orange peel in some spots, and mine has a paint defect on the hood. It was advertised as a paint chip, but in reality, is UNDER the wax/lacquer, so I’m going to consider it a QC error. This model does not have the “no wax” problem like the GT.

Starting at the front, the lights are just perfect. What amazed me is that the chrome light parts (with bulbs replicated!) are separate pieces on the black background, and none of the lights have attachment stubs, even the foglights! What’s even better is how 3D the whole setup looks, it looks like CC just ripped 1:1 headlights out, and somehow shrunk them. The stance of the front is nice and low, and is correct to the 1:1’s. The Ford logo is a separate and very detailed piece, and the intakes all look to be perforated. I can’t tell if the “mesh” on the intakes are metal, but I suspect not, as the threads look too thick to be metal. The license plate is in scale and has “GT”/”GT-P” tampoed on it. Sturdy sidemirrors look small, but are accurate to the 1:1’s. Shutlines on the hood are tiny, so it’s really hard to open without using a tool. The power bulge and character lines on the hood are replicated perfectly as well.



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