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Classic Carlectables Ford FPV Falcon GT and GT-P Review
Authored by Gary
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Exterior continued ...

Moving to the side, CC again replicates the stance and proportions beautifully. The sidemarkers are separate pieces, but have attachment stubs present. The FPV logos under the markers are tampoes, and look good. Door handles are decently molded, but could be more defined. Shutlines are practically non-existant on the doors, except for the gap between the front and back doors. I really like how accurately CC replicated the side skirts, with the weird scooped out part just under the “GT”/”GT-P” words. The gas cap, however, is a bad point as it’s not very well defined.

The rear is just as well done as the rest of the model. Beautiful, accurate, and 3D-looking brake lights are there, and are devoid of attachment stubs. The chrome trim on the bottom part of the lights is perfectly done. The brake light on the spoiler is a separate clear piece, and is attachment stub free as well. The brake light on the interior, however, is just painted. License plate is the same piece as the front, which means it’s in scale and tampoed. The “FPV” and “GT”/”GT-P” badging are all tampoes as well, and are correctly applied. Ford logo is another separate piece. Muffler tip is excavated, and the shape is accurate. Shutlines on the boot is very small as well. Please do not use the spoiler to pull open the boot though, as it’s only plastic.


Wheels, Brakes and Undercarriage

The rims are masterpieces, with each twin-spoke done beautifully. CC didn’t just mold a solid piece of plastic for each of the twin-spokes, as you can see the space between the twin-spokes. Lesser diecast makers (e.g. ERTL) would’ve just gone for a one piece twin-spoke. Lugnuts are very detailed, and look to be separate pieces. The most amazing part of the rim is the center Ford logo though. It’s chromed, and the Ford logo looks almost readable! Weirdly, the tire valve was not replicated on this model, whereas it was on the UTE.

The rims are even better looking on the GT-P. The design is more aggressive, and I believe these are bigger than the GT’s (which is accurate). Same beautiful Ford logos in the center as well.

Tires are not marked, but have realistic tread. Brakes are, sadly, bad. The brake discs move with the tires, and the callipers stay static. The callipers are adequately detailed, but the discs are just horrible. They’re simple silver plastic pieces, with unpainted dimples signifying the cross drilled holes. It seems like the brakes are CC’s weakness, I hope they can at least upgrade themselves to AA levels with photoetch pieces, as most other higher-end diecast manufacturers have upgraded to this method. Note my GT-P is missing a calliper on the rear passenger side tire. The undercarriage has good detail, with a wealth of suspension and engine details. The muffler system looks good, with a different gold-ish colour for the rear end. The spare tire bulge is there too, and surprisingly there’s something inside (more on that in the interior section).



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