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Classic Carlectables Ford FPV Falcon GT and GT-P Review
Authored by Gary
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Usually modern roadcars mean boring engine bays, not so in CC’s case! Not only does this GT have a very interesting engine bay NOT covered by a huge plastic cover, but CC has replicated it in amazing detail! The engine is wired, and looks to be a separate piece. Warning stickers and criss-crossing wires are everywhere, and the detail painting just adds to the realism. Check out the little washer/fluid bottom on the bottom right of the engine bay, with the yellow cap and semi-transparent bottleneck. I’ll say this now: no one does a better job on engines in this price point than CC. The hood opens on nice hinges, with twin struts (!) and stay up on its own.



The detail in the interior is another highlight of this model. Let’s get the bad points out of the way first. Instrument cluster is a sticker, but doesn’t look too bad unless it’s in strong light. Pedals could be better detailed, as they should’ve at least painted the dimples black to simulate the cross-drilled pedals. Otherwise, the interior is amazing. Carpeting is rich and realistic and great detail is everywhere on the dash, with a very detailed center console. The steering wheel is nicely padded, and the buttons on it are almost legible! The gear shifter and handbrake are pieces of art, especially the chrome accents on the shifter. Seats have a realistic leathery feel, but could be softer. The front seats are able to move forward/backward a bit, and the seatbacks tilt forward as well. All seatbelts are fabric with separate buckles. Doors open on realistic hinges, and have a VERY strong rebound. Door sides are adequately detailed, but I wish they had put chromed door handles instead of just painting it silver. Note the caution sticker on the passenger side interior pic, it’s usually hidden behind the door when the door is closed. CC really pays attention to detail! The rear seats are just as well made as the fronts, with the center part movable to reveal the cup holders. Here’s something to note, I noticed that looking from the rear seats that the storage bin between the front seats seem to have a hinge, but I can’t get it open. The boot opens on small hinges, and stay up. The inside is beautifully carpeted, but that’s not all! The rear carpet piece can be lifted up (very hard to do though) and the spare tire is revealed, along with the very cool legible warning stickers.



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