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AUTOart Porsche 997 GT3RS Dealer Edition Review Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari F430 Challenge Review
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High End

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About the model

This is a model of the new Porsche 997 GT3RS in black. This is a dealer only release. In the future, Autoart has announced a regular release of orange (with black trim). No doubt other colours will be forthcoming as well.

What’s in the box

Model comes in a grey Porsche dealer box. Inside, it’s the standard AUTOart skeleton frame box, with the model screwed into the base. Boot and rear engine cover are held on by wires, and the doors are held by an elastic band inside. Be very careful when removing the elastic, as it’s quite strong, and it’s attached to the two door handles, which are just glued on pieces and not part of the door card. The model is relatively heavy for an AUTOart model.


Model is painted in a non-metallic black, and is smooth everywhere. Thickness is very good, and no orange peel can be seen.

Front looks fantastic, with all the vents perforated. The two large vents under the lights have a plastic plate behind it, which has some detail molded on. Ride height is low, but I have a sneaking suspicion the 1:1 is lower. The lights look fantastic, with individual bulbs and detail underneath, and stub-less covers. The foglights are just as well done. As Yann and Thomas pointed out, the main lights on this RS are more accurate than the VIP GT3 cars. The Porsche logo is a tampo and has good detail. Wipers have decent detail, and the orange side mirrors are sturdy. Shutlines on the hood are small, helped by the black colour.

Side profile looks good, with good stance and ride height. Shape of the car looks dead on. Side markers are separate clear pieces with no attachment stubs, but don’t look too realistic. Tampoes make up the orange “GT3RS” stripes on the side, and the stripes are positioned perfectly (something MC should learn). Door handle is nicely molded, but relatively useless for opening the doors, as the opening is just too small. The wings are nicely done with good detail. Shutlines are very small. You’ll need a tool to get these doors open.

Moving on, the rear lights are just as detailed as the front ones, with clear pieces and no attachment stubs.   The detail underneath is very good for the size too. Louvers on the engine cover are perforated, and the muffler tips are slightly excavated. The “GT3RS” logo is another tampo and looks good. The spoiler has a carbon fiber look on the flat plane, but looks slighty cheesy. The character lines on the bumper are perfectly executed. Shutlines on the engine cover are good.




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