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AUTOart Porsche 997 GT3RS Dealer Edition Review
Authored by Gary

Wheels, Brakes and Undercarriage

The rims are huge, and have great definition. The design is accurate, and the lugnuts are well molded. However, the lugnuts are painted silver, and look quite fake. The “RS” logo in the middle is well placed.  Brake discs are the optional carbon-ceramic pieces and look fantastic, with the right colour/texture and small indentations for venting. Brake callipers are decently detailed with a “Porsche” logo present. The discs move while the callipers stay static. Tires have good texture, but are unbranded. The undercarriage is a surprise, with great details, especially the engine. It’s relatively boring with almost all-silver though.


The bonnet opens on doglegs and stays up. The engine itself isn’t too detailed, but it’s better than previous Autoart offerings. There’s some detail painting to spruce up things, but the details still look quite crude.


The interior is rather well done. The racing seats are covered in felt material, with fabric seatbelts and separate buckles present. The dash looks good with separate circular binnacles holding the dials, and some detail painting on the vents. However, it looks plasticky though. Steering wheel is well sized and painted, with a well-placed Porsche logo in the center. Center console has good detail, with molded buttons and detail painting. Gear shifter has decent detail as well. Rest of the car is covered in grey carpeting, which feels realistic. What I really like is the correctly done rollcage, in orange. Doors open on realistic hinges and have no wobble when open. The door sides have good detail molded in, but not enough detail painting to bring out the detail, only a dab of silver on the door handles. Front boot opens on doglegs and stays up. Not much inside except for more grey carpet though.




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