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Classic Carlectables Holden Commodore VY SS Ute Review
Authored by Gary



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About the model

The Classic Carlectables Holden Commodore VY SS UTE comes in red, metallic green, and silver. All three colours were released in 2005. The model is heavy, as all parts seem to be metal.

What’s in the box

This model comes in a double cardboard box. The strong outer cardboard white box has Classic Carlectables labelled on it. The inner box is a thinner grade cardboard box, with various photos of the model and its features. Inside the model is wrapped in a Styrofoam box, and is very snug, which negates the need for screws. Note that in this case, the metal bed cover can slide around a bit inside the box, which may create paint chips if the tissue paper under it somehow moves out of position. Inside the bed, is a wrapped metal bar and a plastic bed cover. The metal bar can be attached when the metal bed cover is taken off.


This paint colour is called Hothouse Green, and it does look very eye catching. The metallic flakes are the perfect size and amount, and is accurate to the 1:1’s colour. It’s nice and smooth everywhere on the model, with no hint of orange peel or colour differences.

Starting at the front, the first things I noticed are the headlights. They’re beautifully done, with separate pieces for each light (even the directional signals and fog lights!), and the bulbs are replicated too. No attachment stubs are seen anywhere. The clear light covers fitting seem to be a bit off, but are secure. The Holden sign in the middle of the grill is a separate chromed piece, and is very detailed and defined. Sadly, the grill behind it is not perforated. The intakes beside the foglights are perforated, but there’s a textured plastic piece very deep inside. It still looks very well done though. The license plate is to-scale, with “Holden SS” tampoed on it. Shutlines for the hood are okay, but could be tighter. The side mirrors are nicely attached, and don’t feel flimsy at all. The model has a correct stance, and it’s so close to the real thing, one can almost mistake it for 1:1 in certain pics.

Moving to the side, we see Classic Carlectables perfectly replicated the weird shape of the cabin. The driver side has a semi-down side window, and the passenger side has a full side window. The rear triangular window is very well done as well, the shape perfectly carried out. The black rubber trim around the windows is perfect, but might be a bit too thick. Side marker is a separate clear piece, but has an attachment stub. All character lines are replicated and are nicely defined. The gas cap, however, could be more defined than it is now, as I can tell it doesn’t open. The SS badging in front of the rear wheel is nicely done, but is only a tampo instead of a photoetch piece. Door shutlines are again, only okay, and could be tighter. Note mine has a problem of the driver side door not closing completely, it keeps opening back a little even after I push it shut. The shape of the 1:1 is done right, but it seems the rear wheel height is a bit too low, as in the 1:1 pics I found, the rear should be higher than the front.



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