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Classic Carlectables Holden Commodore VY SS Ute Review
Authored by Gary

Exterior continued ...

The rear is a masterpiece. The Holden logo is again, a separate piece, and is the same as the front logo. The rear lights are very 3D looking, and have all the correct colours done, with no attachment stubs. However, the small brake light on top of the cabin is painted only, and on my example, it’s painted really sloppily. The “SS” logo is a tampo again but is well done. The exhausts are chromed and are excavated. The little silver metal pieces hanging out the back are the hinges for the rear door, and are accurate to the 1:1. The rear door opens on those realistic hinges, and are held by two little metal wires, that’s how detailed it is! The metal bed cover has two points that attach to two holes behind the rear windshield. It fits well, and leaves minimal shutlines. Once you remove the cover you can put in the metal bars. Inside the bed, there’s a Holden logoed piece of black plastic cover, which is really cool.


Wheels, Brakes and Undercarriage

The rims are beautifully done, with each spoke very nicely defined and detailed. The lugnuts look like separate pieces (even though they’re not) and the molded (!) Holden logo in the center is better detailed than some of the other companies’ center cap stickers! Even the tire valve has been replicated. The tires are not marked, but look the right size and have realistic tread. What disappointed me are the brakes. The brake discs are all silver plastic pieces, and are not very detailed. The same problem occurs with the callipers. To compound the problem, the brakes are too “in” on the driveshaft (i.e. they should be closer to the wheels/rim). At least the discs move with the tires and the callipers stay static. The undercarriage is decently detailed, with lots of molding on the metal parts, some suspension details, and a nice spare tire with different steel rim. One thing I find weird is the two toned muffler. Why is one side black and the other silver? I can’t find a pic of the 1:1’s undercarriage, so I can’t confirm this. Note the “Holden” logo molded on the muffler system just in front of the rear wheels.



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