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Classic Carlectables Holden Commodore VY SS Ute Review
Authored by Gary
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This is the category which no other company in this price point can touch. The engine is just BEAUTIFUL! The hood opens on decent sized hinges, and stay up. Even though the engine is covered by a large plastic cover, the details underneath can still be seen. Wires and warning stickers abound, detail painting in the correct spots, and half-full liquid reservoirs are all present! Look at the little cap beside the engine cover, I can almost make out the yellow text on it!



This is another category which scores well for this model. The interior is nicely covered in realistic carpeting. The dashboard has nice detail on all dials and switches. Sadly, the instrument cluster is a sticker, but it looks okay. The gear shifter looks weird and a bit too large though. Seats are hard plastic, and have a weird green/black checkered pattern on it, which looks really “Matrix like”. The seatbacks of both seats fold down as well. The door sides are nice too, with the same green/black pattern as an insert. The overall interior looks a bit drab with all the grey, but is accurate to the 1:1.



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