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Kyosho KPGC110 1972 Nissan Skyline GT-R Review

Kyosho KPGC110 1972 Nissan Skyline GT-R
Authored by Gary











Mid Range

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About the model

The 1972 KPGC110 Nissan Skyline GT-R is the second GT-R to be made by Nissan, the first being the KPGC10. The model comes in red or white, where the red is a Limited Edition of 1000 pieces. The model is relatively heavy, and feels very secure when I handle it. 

What’s in the box

The model comes in a window Kyosho box. The model is secured to a plastic base with 4 screws. It seems they improved these newer boxes so that removal of the 4 screws will allow the model to come out of the “bear trap” designed plastic base. The old Kyosho window boxes required removal of 4 screws to remove the “bear trap” from the base, and then 4 more to remove the model from the “bear trap” itself.


The model comes in non-metallic red. It’s smoothly applied, with the perfect thickness. There is no orange peel anywhere. It’s very shiny too, as the layer of wax is well applied.

Stance looks right when compared to 1:1 photos. The front headlights look great, with textured lenses and detailed bulbs inside. Not only does it look very 3D, there are no attachment stubs either. The clear turning indicators are well done as well, with no attachment stubs. The grill is perforated, with a separate piece “GT-R” logo. The chromed bumpers and accents around the front are exquisite, with a delicate nature and no blemishes anywhere. License plate is accurately sized, and is a tampo. Moving up, the side mirrors are very sturdy, and look great. The shutlines on the hood are good, but not the best I’ve seen from Kyosho. The wipers deserve mention, as they are very well made, with real “holes” in the wipers instead of indentations.

Moving on, the stance from the side looks good. The front side indicator is a separate piece, but has a small attachment stub. The chrome surrounding that side indicator is very well done. The wide wheel arches are very well done too, with the rivets molded. Door handles, keyhole (!), and the window surrounds are all chromed beautifully. The little circular logo behind the quarter window is chromed, with a tampo on top, and the same for the small “G/T” logo near the rear. The “Skyline” words are photoetch, and have a protective sheet covering it, much like the Minichamps Mercedes 300SL. I was relatively disappointed with the lack of side windows, as this is a new release from Kyosho. The shutlines on the door are very small.

The backend of this model is simply breathtaking. Usually most models have boring rears, but this one is different. The first thing that caught my eye is the set of rear lights. The larger circular lights have brake lights in the outer rim and turning signals in the center. All are clear plastic pieces with no attachment stubs, and the depth of the lights is amazing. It’s as if I’m staring at the real car’s lights. There are also chrome surrounds around the inner turning signals and the outer brake lights, and they’re very very well done. The smaller lights have brake lights in the rim and back up lights in the center with no attachment stubs, and the chrome surrounds around these are just as well made. I’m very surprised how well they did these chrome surrounds on the lights, as they’re very thin, yet there is no trace of any missed or botched spots. The “GT-R” logo is a separate piece, and the “Skyline” words are photoetch pieces. The chrome surround around the whole rear side, the rear window, the keyhole, and the bumper are just as well made as the light surrounds. The bumper even has little rivets molded in. The small brake lights on the bumper are clear pieces, with no attachment stubs. License plate is as well made as the one up front. The muffler is partly visible, and have chrome (or photoetch) tips that look to be hollow, but isn’t. The small “duck tail” spoiler is plastic, but the colour matching is perfect. The little rivets are molded and detail painted black. Shutlines on the boot are good, but not exemplary.



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