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Kyosho KPGC110 1972 Nissan Skyline GT-R Review
Authored by Gary
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Wheels, Brakes and Undercarriage

The rims are black steelies and are very detailed. However, most of the detail is hidden in the black paint. The molding for the various details are very crisp and sharp. The lugnuts look very 3D, and are painted in silver, along with the center of the rim. I personally don’t like the silver paint, as it’s only on the tip of the lugnuts, making it look unrealistic. It would’ve looked better if the whole rim is black. The holes in the rim are truly perforated, and you can catch a very limited glimpse of the disc brakes on the front wheels. The tires have realistic feel and tread, yet are unmarked. They’re also very thin, true to the time period. Looking from the undercarriage, all four wheels have disc brakes, with well detailed callipers and photoetch discs. The discs move with the tires while the callipers stay static. Undercarriage is relatively detailed, with more details of the engine, suspension setup, and brakes. As mentioned previously, the muffler tip is chromed/photoetch and is a hollow tip, whereas the rest of the exhaust system is painted silver.


Opening up the engine cover, which opens on small discrete dogleg hinges, it stays up by itself. The engine is quite amazing. It’s wired and a separate piece, with all the parts well defined. Lots of detail painting on the various parts, and warning stickers abound. The wires running from various parts to the engine, like the battery, especially impress me. A sidenote, with the hood open, one can see the front perforated grill very clearly.



Kyosho interiors have always been class leading, and it is no different here. The dashboard is well detailed, with nice moldings and readable gauges (stickers). The steering wheel is very impressive, with ripples in the grip, and chromed spokes. The gear shifter is nicely done as well, with a wood-trim-coloured knob. The pedals are nicely detailed as well. The seats are made of a realistic plastic, and have great detail. Seatbelts are fabric with separate photoetch buckles. All over the cabin, there is plush carpeting. The doors open on small realistic hinges, with no hint of wobble when open. The door sides are beautiful, with chrome accented door handle, window crank, and strip. There’s a small warning sticker present as well. The boot opens on small doglegs, like the hood, and stay up with no problems. Inside the boot, one can see the full size spare, along with some black wiring. There is no carpet in the boot.



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