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AUTOart and Kyosho Mini Cooper S Comparison Review
Authored by Gary



AUTOart / Kyosho








Mid Range

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About the model

This review will be a comparison review between the Autoart Mini Cooper S with option kit in red and the Kyosho Mini Cooper S John Cooper Works Edition (JCW) in metallic green. The AA comes only in red with red stripes. The Kyosho comes in the green I have, and red dealer piece as well. A little tidbit about the Autoart version, it’s supposedly based on the car that appeared in The Italian Job (the remake), but is not labelled as such probably due to licensing issues. From what I can see (exterior), the option kit consists of different rims, extra foglights, and bigger brake discs when compared to the normal AA Cooper S model.

What’s in the box

The Autoart comes in the newer AA window boxes, with plastic skeleton. The hood and boot are secured by metal wires, and the boot wire took me forever to remove. The model is secured to the base with four screws. The doors are held by an elastic band hooking both doors together. The Kyosho comes in a Styrofoam box with cardboard outer box. There are no screws securing the model to the box, but the model does not move much in the box as the box is form fitted. Note that on both JCW’s I received, there is some Styrofoam stuck to the boot on the driver side (on the photoetch emblem), so be careful when removing the model out of the box.


The AA comes in red, with white stripes. The paint is very smooth and I see no orange peel or imperfections anywhere.  The roof is painted in white and is just as well done in terms of paint.
The Kyosho comes in a metallic green, which looks a bit like BRG. However, the paintjob isn’t the best. The bad paintjob is especially evident on the hood, as the paint there is very uneven, and I’m quite disappointed with this. The roof is white as well, and is painted well, with none of the problems the green possesses.

Let’s start at the front. Stance looks correct when compared to 1:1 pics of the Cooper S. The AA has all perforated intakes (except vents underneath the wipers), with metal mesh on the large bottom intake. The lights are stub-less, and look 3D, with good detailing on the inside. The foglights in the middle of the top intake are stub-less and have decent detailing inside, but feel easy to break. The circular turn signals are half white and half yellow, which look very weird, but no attachment stubs are present. The lowest foglights though, have large attachment stubs that mar the look. The Mini logo is a detailed separate piece, and AA went as far as to colour the little grooves on the wings black, although I think this is inaccurate, as the Mini wings on the logo should be all silver. Wipers are quite detailed, and the side mirrors are relatively sturdy, with “ribbing” on the stalk. License plate looks good and in scale, and words are tampoed on. Shutlines on the hood are acceptable.

The stance on the Kyosho is accurate, and is lower than the AA. The Kyosho has all perforated intakes as well (except vents underneath the wipers), and both the bottom and top intakes are closed by metal mesh. Headlights are just as well done as the AA, but are a bit larger. Stub-less foglights in the middle are smaller than the AA’s, and just as fragile. Decently detailed turn signals are white on the JCW, and are stub-less. The lowest foglights have attachment stubs, however, and look just as bad as the AA’s. Separate piece Mini logo is very detailed, but don’t have the black detailing on the wings. Note that there is a little JCW logo, which is a separate piece, on the lower large intake, and it’s very detailed for being such a small piece. Wipers are detailed as well, and side mirrors are two tone and two piece affairs. License plate is larger than AA’s, but the label looks to be tampoed on as well. The shutlines seem to be a bit better than the AA, but it might be due to the darker colour of the model. Note that the JCW has a different front bumper than the AA, the front spoiler lip and size/shape of the lower vent are different.



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