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AUTOart and Kyosho Mini Cooper S Comparison Review
Authored by Gary
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The Autoart opens up on small dogleg hinges, but does not stay up on its own. The engine is very nicely done, it’s wired, and the engine block looks to be a separate piece. Some warning stickers are present, with detail painting in the correct places. Overall, an above average AA engine.
The Kyosho opens up on small dogleg hinges as well, but does stay up. Engine isn’t as nice as the AA version, with no wiring that I can see. There’s a big silver radiator on top of the engine, with the JCW logo on it. Detail painting is adequate, but the warning stickers are nicer and more abundant than the AA’s.

Advantage: Autoart. AA actually trumps Kyosho in this category, the wiring is the clincher here.



The Autoart doors open up on small non-dogleg hinges, and does not wobble when open. The AA has sticker dials, but at least the center console is nicely detailed. Gear shifter is chromed at the top part, which is VERY cool. Steering wheel is nicely padded but the Mini logo looks a little crooked. Pedals aren’t very detailed, except for the weird silver one sticking out in the middle of the floor. Seats are hard plastic like all AA’s. Rear seats are the same material as the front seats. Seatbelts are separate pieces with separate buckles. Carpeting is realistic as well.

The Kyosho doors open up on small non-dogleg hinges as well, with no hint of wobble when open. The Kyosho has sticker dials like the AA, but on my example, one of the stickers is missing on the dials. The center console is well detailed, with molded buttons. The gear shifter is very nicely done, and the steering wheel is nicely padded. The pedals are decently detailed, but I wish they were painted more realistically. The seats are racing seats, with realistic texture. Ditto with the rear seats. The rear seats fold down 50/50 as well. All seatbelts are fabric, with photoetch buckles. Carpet is realistic. The rear parcel shelf is movable as well, but it doesn’t make it any easier to get access to the rear seat backs. Note that after folding down the rear seats, it’s very hard to get the seatbelts back on the correct side of the seats when putting them back up. Overall the interior looks very dark and foreboding, because of the monotone colours.

Advantage: Kyosho. Disregarding the missing dial sticker, the better seats and movable rear seats elevate it above the Autoart.



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