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Classic Carlectables Holden Monaro #05 2003 Bathurst 24 Hour Winner Review
Authored by Gary
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About the model

This Classic Carlectables model represents the 2003 24 hours Bathurst winner. CC also makes the 2003 24 hours Bathurst 2nd place car, and the 2002 24 hours Bathurst winner. The 2003 winner is red, and the 2002 and 2003 2nd place is yellow. Autoart (Biante) also produces the 2003 winner.

What’s in the box

Model comes in standard CC packaging, meaning double cardboard boxes. Inner box is coloured with photos of the model, and the outer box is a white cardboard box with “Classic Carlectables” emblazoned on the top. No screws are used to hold the model in the Styrofoam clamshell. The model stays secure and unmovable while in the shell. The model is exceptionally heavy, as almost all the parts are made of metal. Be careful when holding the model, as the roof antennae are very fragile (i.e. easy to bend/break), and the rear wing is prone to pop off (as evidenced by many of the damaged wing on these models).


The model comes in a non-metallic red. Paint application is perfect, with rich and even distribution. There are no signs of orange peel anywhere. Thickness is perfect too. The sponsor logos are all tampoes, and are solidly and accurately placed.

Front stance is correct, and it’s not as low as I thought. The headlights are beautiful, with amazing details in the lights, and good placement of the light covers. Of course, there are no attachment stubs on the lights. All intakes and openings are perforated. The Holden logo in the center is a separate chrome piece, and is very detailed. Check out those two little holes and a little block sticking out of the bumper. I don’t know what they’re for, but always nice to see more details on a model. The hoodpins are incredibly detailed as well, with two tone paint (red and chrome). They’re not removable, but really do look like they are. Wipers are well detailed as well, and side mirrors are sturdy with good reflective piece on the mirror side. Shutlines on hood are airtight. Sometime cool to note, this model, the model has Biante logos (a rival model maker) on the bumpers.

Side of the model continues on with the great details, with correct ride height. Side markers are separate pieces, but have attachment stubs present. The shape and groove lines along the side skirts and doors are correctly represented. The driver’s side door has a half lowered side window, along with a real fabric net! The passenger side has a fully-up window. The little air “vents” on the rear quarter windows are different on both sides as well. Driver side gets a circular hole, with rubber tubing inside. Passenger side gets a circular hole as well, but has a silver surround. However, both of these are incorrect on the 2003 car. The 2002 has these holes, and I guess CC just left it as is on the 2003. The 1:1 2003 winner has two holes on the passenger side with silver surround, and one hole on the driver side with silver surround. Note that the AA/Biante version is correct in this regard. The gunmetal coloured exhaust tips protrude out from under the car on the passenger side, and are excavated, and painted black on the inside. The rear “fake fuel door” is replicated on the driver side, whereas the passenger side has a real fuel door. The antennae, as mentioned previously, are VERY fragile. Be very careful when handling the model as they’re easy to bend and break.

Rear is well done. Lights are pieces of art, with great depth and detail, without attachment stubs. The detail under the red brake-light parts is really spectacular. Sadly, the third brake light under the rear windshield is only painted. Badging in the rear are tampoes only. Boot pins are present, and are just as well made as the hood pins. The spoiler is plastic, and seems rather flimsy and easy to break, but is well detailed. Boot shutlines are very small.



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