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Classic Carlectables Holden Monaro #05 2003 Bathurst 24 Hour Winner Review
Authored by Gary
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Wheels, Brakes and Undercarriage

The black five spoke rims are basic (fault of the 1:1), but are molded very nicely. The center is colour coded depending on the side of the car, and are very detailed. Note the various labels (OZ racing) and logos on the rims, which are accurate to the 1:1. The tires are racing slicks, and are marked “Dunlop”. They feel and look like real tires. However, looking at 1:1 photos, it seems the front tires are too small, as they should be filling the wheel wells more. Brakes consist of a movable plastic brake disc, with static callipers. Even though the disc is not photoetch, the details are amazing, and is convincing. It’s much better than the effort on CC roadcars. The callipers are very detailed as well. Undercarriage is another strong point here, with extra details on the engine and suspension. The exhaust system is especially well detailed and painted, I especially love the “burnt” effect on the tip of the exhaust. I like the wiring (!) that’s present as well.


The engine opens up on small doglegs, and stays up. The main part of the engine is covered by a large carbon-fibre-look cover, and this is removable. The carbon fibre effect on this cover is very well done. Underneath the cover, we see phenomenal detail. The engine is wired, and is a separate piece. The little trumpets are separate clear pieces, and all parts are detail painted.



The interior is first rate, as usual with CC models. The rollcage is nicely done, the dashboard has stickers for the instrumentation, but it’s realistic. Center console is nicely molded, with lots of detail, but could do with a touch more detail painting though. The passenger side is actually better detailed, with a little “Holden” sign on top of the dash. Steering wheel is nicely detailed with various lights, buttons, etc. However, it looks a bit too plasticky. The pedals have the same problem, and also lack details. Seats are nice with a carbon fibre pattern on the back, but sadly the seating surface is only hard plastic. The seatbelts are soft plastic, but are very detailed and convincing. So far, it seems the interior isn’t that spectacular, you think. However, looking at where the backseat used to be, there are tons of details there. Not only are orange pipes (for ventilation?) present, they’re all connected to the right vents/holes. The most amazing detail is the clear rubber straw that’s routed from the back to the driver for him to drink from! That’s Exoto calibre details! The doors open on discrete hinges, with no wobble when open. The door sides are relatively boring, as most of the normal car’s buttons were removed to save weight. The boot opens up on small doglegs and stay up by itself. Inside, we see tons of extra details, with wiring included!



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