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Autoart Lamborghini Murcielago Review
Authored by Gary











Mid Range

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About the model

This Autoart Lamborghini Murcielago comes in many different colours. These include metallic yellow, metallic orange, metallic black, metallic green, and a special 40th anniversary metallic jade green (Verde Artemis). All of these are relatively older releases, dating back to 2001. The 40th version, however, is a bit newer. It was released in 2004 and is modelled after the 2003 model, and the model is limited to 2000 pieces.

What’s in the box

The model comes in the old Autoart window boxes with plastic base. The front compartment and doors are held by stickers. The model is secured to the base by 4 screws. The external cardboard box is different to the normal AA boxes, in that the back has the Lamborghini logo.


The model comes in a very loud metallic orange colour. The paint is the right thickness, but there are quite a few spots with orange peel, especially on the roof. Also, the colour matching on the plastic parts is quite bad. The plastic bits are darker and more “transparent” than the metal parts.

Stance is nice and low, true to the real car. The shape of the front is beautifully done. Headlights look good, with individualized bulbs. The turn signal in the front lights is only chrome paint orange though. The light covers are outlined in black and are done well, with no hint of attachment stubs. The perforated intakes are closed by real metal mesh, and the license plate is tampoed and correctly sized. The Lamborghini logo on the front trunk is a tampo, but looks good. Side mirrors are plastic, but well made and sturdy. Shutlines around the front trunk is very good, and even when the model is upside down, the trunk door does not drop open.

Let’s move on to the side. Side stance is low, just like the front. The side markers/turn signal just in front of the front tire is painted/tampoed on, which is very disappointing. It’s not as evident on this orange colour, as they blend in. Air intake on the side skirt is perforated, and the logos are tampoes. The air vents above the rear tires are movable, but do not stay up. The door has no side window, but that’s not surprising as this is an older AA release. Shutlines are very good. The button system on the door is annoying, and the button itself is plastic. Talking about plastic, I’m going to mention the orange coloured plastic parts one can see from the side: the side skirt, movable air vents, engine cover, door button. The colour of these parts, as mentioned previously, do not match with the metal body.

Moving rearwards, the brake/back up/turn light combo is decently done. There are no attachment stubs, but it just doesn’t seem very 3D to me. Third brakelight on top of the engine cover is only painted. The Lamborghini brand is tampoed and well done, looking very much like photoetch. Lower vents are perforated and closed by metal mesh. Exhaust tips are chromed and excavated, but anything after the tips are closed, so it’s not very deep and the bottom can be easily seen. License plate is just as well made as the one up front. Shutlines on the engine cover are very tight, but one can use the louvres to open it up. The spoiler is made of plastic too, and “flips” open, but does not raise up. I frankly have no clue why AA bothered to do this, as it doesn’t stay open when “flipped” open. But I should give them some kudos for including this.



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