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Autoart Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX Ralliart Edition Review
Authored by Gary











Mid Range

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About the model

This model replicates the new Lancer Evolution IX Ralliart version. It only comes in red. I wasn’t able to find the specs of the 1:1, so I don’t know what other upgrades (beside cosmetic) there are on the real car. Model is quite heavy, rare for an Autoart model.

What’s in the box

Model comes in the standard Autoart window boxes, with a black skeleton frame. It’s secured to the base with wires (bonnet and trunk), screws (base), and plastic bands (doors). The plastic bands are not only taped up, but there’s a staple too, so be careful when removing them, don’t want to scratch the paint.


Model is painted in a bright, non-metallic red. Paint is very smooth, with good thickness.

The front looks fantastic, starting with the ride height. It is nice and low, true to the real thing. Lights are great pieces, with very realistic separate binnacles, and attachment free lenses. The turn indicator is painted orange. All vents are truly perforated, and closed with real metal mesh. The intercooler is marked “Ralliart” under the metal mesh, very nice attention to detail! The Mitsubishi marquee on my example is a bit crooked, but it’s a separate chromed piece and looks good. The most amazing vent though, is the one on the hood. Not only is it perforated, and meshed, there’s a silver “plate” underneath. The license plate is correctly scaled, and the tampoed Ralliart words look good. Side mirrors are different to the standard EVO IX’s. These have carbon fiber patterns on it, and are much smaller and more aerodynamic than the standard pieces. These are accurate and feel sturdy enough, but I wouldn’t use them to open the doors. Wipers have adequate detail, but could be better. Shutlines around the hood are small.

Side has the same great stance, and the shape looks correct. The side markers are separate pieces, but have small unnoticeable attachment stubs. The graphics on the side look great, and are all tampoes. I especially like the “Spirit of Competition” tampoes on the back quarter panels. Door handles are separate pieces, and are useful for getting the doors open, as the shutlines are very small. The small “vortex generators” and the metal antenna are present on the roof, and are accurate. I like the metal antenna, since that means, less chance of breakage. The rear wing is nice and secure, with a black central plane with carbon fiber accents present.

The rear is well done as well, but some slight niggles disappoint. The lights are separate binnacles again, but the brake lights are only painted, and not separate clear red pieces. This is quite disappointing. The backup light is a chromed piece, which is a weird decision for AA. At least the lenses cover is attachment free. The Mitsubishi logo is well chromed and placed, as are the tampoed badging. Even the keyhole is represented. The rear diffusers are present, and the muffler is well done with silver piping and a chromed tip. Shutlines are small on the boot.




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