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Autoart Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX Ralliart Edition Review
Authored by Gary
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Wheels, Brakes and Undercarriage

The black five spoke rims are very aggressive, and have “Ralliart” tampoed on it. Even though it’s in black, AA spared no expense and beautifully replicated the middle cap and the lugnuts. I especially love the red rim on the edge of the rim. The brake discs are photoetch pieces, with wear represented. They move with the tires, while the nicely done Brembo branded callipers (fronts only) are static. Tires are unbranded, but feel realistic. Tread looks realistic. Undercarriage is rather boring, with some extra engine, exhaust, and suspension detail. Some of the molded wires in the middle “black sea of plastic” look cheesey.


Bonnet opens up on doglegs which are a tad too big for my tastes. However, the engine is well done, with a separate engine block, and LOTS of detail painting. I like the carbon fiber accents on the cam cover. The wiring is present, and the molding is top notch. There is a curious lack of warning stickers though, except on the battery.


Interior is very well done, starting with the nicely done instrument panel. Stickers are used but look realistic. The air vents are molded as well. The whole dash looks slightly plasticky, but I think part of the problem is due to the 1:1. Note the small carbon fiber accents throughout the interior. Steering wheel is too plasticky and thin, but the detail in the center is great. Gear shifter looks weird, but the handbrake looks good. Pedals are nicely detail painted, and have adequate detail. All seats have an Alacantara feel, and are well sculpted. Seatbelts are fabric, with separate buckles. Note that AA put more of the Alacantara feel material on the top of the center storage bin between the front seats. Doors open on non-dogleg hinges, but have a slight wobble when open. Mine has a problem opening the driver side rear door by itself, hence I have to open the front door first. I think this is due to the small shutlines. Door sides have decent molding, and AA even put some of the Alacantara material here as well. The buttons could’ve been better defined, and there could’ve been more detail painting, however, nothing was replicated with stickers/tampoes. Throughout the cabin, there’s realistic carpeting. The boot opens on dogleg hinges, but stay up if there’s no sudden large shock around it. The inside of the boot is lined with more carpeting, and is devoid of any detail, except for a red cross-member right across the rear seat. I’m happily surprised AA replicated this.




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