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Jadee Toyota Reiz Review

Kyosho KPGC110 1972 Nissan Skyline GT-R
Authored by Gary











High End

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About the model

The Reiz comes in six colours: black, pearl white, silver, blue metallic, red metallic, and gold metallic. The 1:1 car is a front engine, rear wheel drive sedan from Toyota. The top of the line 3.0L version only produces 170hp though, which is disappointing.

What’s in the box

The model comes in standard Kyosho/Jadee packaging, with an outer cardboard box and inner Styrofoam clamshell. The exterior box has photos of the real car, along with the infinity symbol. I think the box is designed quite nicely. Inner clamshell holds the model in place with no movement. No screws are used to secure the model to the Styrofoam. The model also comes with a small door opening which looks like a short screwdriver. The model is heavy, as with all Jadee models.


The model comes in gold metallic colour. Paint application is overall very good, but some spots are not perfect and have some orange peel. Thickness is great though, as is the metallic flake size and amount.

The ride height is perfect when compared to the 1:1 photos. It’s nice and low, fitting for a sports sedan. Front headlights are exquisite, with beautiful detailing on each of the light “clusters”. There are no attachment stubs, of course. The light covers are perfectly shaped as well, even though the shape is quite complex. The large front grill is not perforated, and only textured. The Toyota logo is a separate piece and is nicely chromed. The lower intakes are perforated. The chrome accents under the lights and around the grill are well done, as well as the detailing on the bumpers (light washers and possible sensors?). The license plate is correct sized, and the word “Reiz” is tampoed on perfectly. A little tidbit of info, the colour of the plate is dependant on the body colour of the model. Side mirrors are foldable, and feels sturdy. However, the mirror has some plastic flash (extra plastic) on the edges. Wipers are well detailed. Shutlines on the hood are practically invisible.

The side of the model continues on the winning form, mostly. The stance and shape is perfect, and does not run into the same problem as the Crown (front high, rear low). The side markers are separate clear pieces, but have small attachment stubs in the center. They’re not too noticeable, as they look like the light bulbs. From here, we see that the side mirror is angled up at a weird angle. I’m blaming it on bad QC. Chrome accents on the windows, lower doors, and door handles are very well done. Gas cap opens, but shutlines could be better. Once the cap is open, however, the detail inside is quite nice. Shutlines on the doors are bad though, with some of the doors having amazingly small shutlines (usually front doors), but some doors have quite big shutlines. This is another case of bad QC. All doors have full side windows though.

I’ve seen my share of great models, including CMC, Exoto, Classic Carlectables, etc. And even those didn’t prepare me for the amazing rear end of this model. One look at the rear lights, and I can never look at AA lights and say they’re perfect anymore. The rear lights are styled like the Lexus IS300 lights, with chrome inside, and separate “cluster” for the brake and turn signals. The detail is just amazing! Look at the detail on the middle cluster, with separate “dimples” on the lights (I’m assuming they’re LED’s), and even “dimple” detailing under the cluster. The other clusters have detail underneath, along with a clear piece covering it. And then the whole light system is covered by another light cover, with no attachment stubs. Okay that was a lie, if you look really closely at the bottom edge of the light cover, you’ll see very small attachment stubs. Sadly, the third brake light inside the model is only painted, and looks like it. Moving on, the Toyota logo is a separate piece, as are all other logos and branding. Note that almost all other logos are photoetch pieces, and on mine, two of the letters fell off from “Premium”. It’s another QC problem, but I believe it’s more of a limitation of photoetch pieces. The only logo that’s not a photoetch is the small logo on the left side, which is a small raised piece that is the Chinese manufacturer’s name. The license plate is again, perfectly done. The two lights beside the plate are beautifully detailed as well, but their weird colour combo is wrong though, as both should be red. The chrome accents on the bumper are exquisite, and the details on the bumper are very nice (back up sensors). The integrated muffler tips are chromed, but the insides are only slightly excavated and then painted black. Shutlines on the boot could be better, but it’s not disastrous as the door shutlines.



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