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Jadee Toyota Reiz Review
Authored by Gary

Wheels, Brakes and Undercarriage

The 5-spoke rims are very detailed, with well defined spokes, and amazingly detailed lugnuts. The Toyota logo in the center is chromed gorgeously. The tire valve is replicated, but could be more detailed, as it’s just a little bulge on the rim.The tires have realistic feel and tread, and amazingly, the tires are marked! They’re marked “Bridgestone Turanza”. The brake discs are photoetch pieces, and slightly machined too look worn. The brake callipers are well detailed. Callipers stay static while the discs move with the tires. Note that I’ve found a weird observation with new Kyosho/Jadee models. The brake discs are photoetch, but they’re not secured on a specific location on the axle (unlike Autoart), so when you tilt the car, the discs move a bit along the axle, making a little “chink chink” sound. Undercarriage is adequately detailed. The different colours give it a bit more variety. There are some suspension and muffler system details visible.


The engine cover opens on small doglegs, and stays up. Not much to see here, but it’s really Toyota’s fault. The large silver plastic cover covers almost all of the engine details. However, there are various warning stickers, detail painting, and details around it. The logos on the cover are raised and detail painted. There’s some more detail underneath the cover, but it’s not spectacular.


The interior is just gorgeous, as expected from Jadee. The dashboard uses stickers for the dials, but it looks okay. The airvents, turn indicator stalks, etc. are all very detailed. The steering wheel is well padded, with a chromed Toyota logo in the center which looks amazing! The wood trim is one of the best I’ve seen as well. Looking at the center console, the beauty continues, with the same wood trim and individualized buttons near the nav screen. The gear shifter is a work of art in itself, with chromed bottom and a black “leather” top. The gates are replicated too, and it looks like it’s truly movable (it’s not). The black in the center console also has some leather “stitching” replicated. The seats are beige, with a realistic leather feel. The leather stitching is replicated here too, and is very realistic. Seat controls are replicated, and detailed with small pictures. The front seats are able to slide forward and backward a small amount as well. Seatbelts are fabric with separate buckles. Carpet is rich and covers everything perfectly. The pedals are true to life as well, with four pedals. I have no clue why an automatic vehicle would need so many, but the 1:1 does have it. The door sill even has a photoetch stripe that has “Reiz” etched on it! The doors open on small invisible new style hinges, with strong rebound and no wobble when open. Door sides are well detailed as well, with chromed door handle, detailed window buttons, leather stitching, and different textured plastic on the top and bottom half. The wood trim could be a bit better painted though, as there’s some “overpaint”. The sunroof has a sliding cover, and the sunroof window part actually opens, much like the Teana. The trunk opens on realistic hinges, and stays up. There’s nothing inside the trunk except carpeting though. Note the trunk carpeting is dark grey, whereas the interior carpeting is beige. I don’t’ know if this is accurate though.



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