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Minichamps Mercedes Benz R230 SL500 - Dealer Edition Review
Authored by Leslie
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Wheels, Brakes and Undercarriage Continued ...

The undercarriage is quite well done. Highlights here include a gold coloured exhaust system surrounded by silver textured heat shielding and the complicated multilinked rear suspension can be seen clearly. While the undercarriage is made of plastic, the model does have a substantial feel to it.


The engine is quite detailed considering it is covered by a huge plastic engine cover. The engine bay features a separate engine block (as opposed to a single moulded piece of plastic to represent the engine bay in newer Kyosho BMWs). Battery, washer liquid reservoir and all other electronics are all modelled in separate pieces. Some of these parts are detail painted and decal labelled where required as well.



The best part of the interior has to be the leather clad seats. They certainly add a lot of class to the model. The seats and seat backs are covered in leather while the headrest is moulded plastic. Attached to these seats are real fabric seatbelts that go through perforated buckles. The center console features wood grain trim, GPS sat-nav, black dials and buttons that are all labelled in white and so on and so forth. The instruments are decals that are easily readable. Moulded stitching - tough a little out of scale - and the colour matching carpet add a touch of elegance to the interior. Overall, the interior is beautifully finished and superbly detailed. Its cream colour contrasts so well with the black exterior.



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