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CMC Mercedes McLaren SLR Review
Authored by Leslie
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Exterior Continued ...

I have to say that one of the best features of the model is the gull-wing doors. These are extremely well modelled and true to the 1:1 car it was modelled after, both in terms of form and function. They swing on exceptionally tiny hinges, just like on the 1:1, and while made of metal, look to be quite fragile so I would advise caution when opening or closing the doors. The doors ‘lock’ with a spring loaded ball / dimple mechanism which give the model a very solid feel. The wing mirrors, mounted on twin stalks, are faced with sturdy looking ‘mirror’ pieces, unlike on lower end models where stickers are used. Towards the back of the model, there is a functional fuel cap door, which is fast becoming a common feature among high end models. Rear light clusters are very well made. They feature intricately modelled silver dots representing the LED lights on the 1:1 which are enveloped in accurately shaped clear lenses. Each assembly has a very 3D feel to it. The SLR has an air brake which is really just a fancy name for a rear spoiler that rises to near vertical position when the car is under braking. This part is again well modelled by CMC, who chose to make it out of copper, giving it an accurately thin profile, well done CMC. To finish off the rear, the model has a true copy of the 1:1’s air diffuser.


Wheels, Brakes and Undercarriage

On to the wheels and tires. Apart from its size, which I will no longer comment on, the wheels are excellently modelled after their 1:1 counterpart. The turbine like design is correctly modelled and they feature crisp rises and indentations as well as the amazingly tiny tire valve stems. One thing worthy of mentioning is that all wheels are polished steel castings. These would most certainly have been made of plastic by lesser manufacturers. All four wheels are fully and independently suspended with coil springs and cast metal arms. Tires are marked with Michelin logos to the point where I think CMC has gone over the top with them. You can literally read off the speed rating and tire sizes off the side wall of the tires. All I can say is that I am not a fan of what CMC has done here as it takes away from the realism of the model somewhat. Brake details are first-rate as you would expect for the money. Discs are painted a dark grey to represent the carbon brakes of the 1:1 and callipers are painted silver with Mercedes Benz logos. Discs move independently of the static callipers. Undercarriage detail is true to the original. The flat bottom is reproduced with metal, which no doubt contributes a lot to the substantial feel of the model. The undercarriage is adorned with many ‘rivet heads’ and a pair of metal grates near the front, but is otherwise quite bare.



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