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CMC Mercedes McLaren SLR Review
Authored by Leslie
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The engine bay is perhaps the best part of the model and certainly is the part of the model that garners the most 'uhs' and 'ahs'. The engine cover is lined on the inside with foil like material and opens up clamshell style on complicate hinges, as per the 1:1, to arguably one of the best engine on a 1:18 model. The engine itself is truly a masterpiece. Mind you, in most cases, a contemporary engine bay is always going to look less detailed than the engine bay of a vintage car, because of the many plastic engine covers which modern car manufacturers love to use. CMC has done very well to replicate what you can see. Hoses and cables abound, both braided and rubber sleeved types. There are the tiniest of labels which you can almost read off. Many separate pieces of the engine are modelled as separate pieces. Plenty of detailed painting provides much needed contrast. All of these add to one engine bay that truly impresses.



Another area of the model that will amaze you every time you see the model up close is the interior. Both figure hugging seats are covered with real leather, as is part of the dash, center console and door linings. This silver example comes with red leather which provides a striking contrast with the exterior colour. Nice. Seatbelts are made of fabric and buckles are made from photo etched. The interior is fully carpeted with correctly scaled dark grey carpeting. The large boot is also lined with the same carpet material and comes with a fitted mat too. Dash and instruments are outstandingly detailed with a lot of detailed painting and dials that you can read off. Steering wheel, paddle shift buttons, working sun shades, stalks and gear lever are all very well done as well. These interior features are capped off with a sweet smell of leather every time you open the door!



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