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CMC Mercedes McLaren SLR Review
Authored by Leslie
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Without a doubt this is one of my favourite models in my collection. There is what I consider a minor nuisance with the wheels and tires. Other than that, there is a lot to like about this model. The engine and the interior are particularly well done, and kudos to CMC for putting in the effort to add little details which make them so special. I would highly recommend this model to any collector of supercars / exotics and Mercedes Benz.

Summary and Scoring


Excellent paint and high standard of finish. Flaky metallic paint not to everyone’s liking. Fit problem of front hood detracts from otherwise perfect score.

  Wheels and Tires
A fly in the ointment just about says it all. Solidly made though.

Simply awe inspiring. Lashings of leather. A nice place to be.


Best part of the model. Details galore. Awesome hood mechanism.

(weighted average with emphasis placed on exterior and interior)
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CMC Mercedes McLaren SLR
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